Investing in a certificate of deposit right now will yield you 1.35% APY – if you go with the current leader Nationwide Bank.

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Nationwide Bank currently offers a 1 year CD in Arizona at 1.35% APY on deposits of less than $100,000, and 1.40% APY on balances above $100,000 deposit. Nationwide Bank, has FDIC insurance of up to $250,000 per depositor. Their CD Account policies include: No maintenance fees and Early withdrawal fees may apply.

Other Top 1 Year CD Rates in Arizona

  1. Sunrise Bank of Arizona offers a 13 Month CD at 1.21% APY with $500 deposited.
  2. Metro Phoenix Bank offers a 1 year CD at 1.26% with $5k minimum deposit.
  3. Bank 1440 offers a 1 year CD at 1.25% with $1k minimum deposit.
  4. RCB Bank offers a 1 year CD at 1.15% with $1k minimum deposit.
  5. Meridian Bank, National Association offers a 1 year CD at 1.10% with $1k minimum deposit.
  6. Beal Bank offers a 1 year CD at 1.01%* with $1k minimum deposit.
  7. Credit Union West offers a 1 year CD at 0.95% with $10k minimum deposit.
  8. Western Federal Credit Union offers a 1 year CD at 0.92% with $1k minimum deposit.