You don’t always have to pay the listed price on many items. The larger the purchase price, the bigger the discount that you can get.

Here are 4 items that you should never pay full price for.

Your Car

Car dealerships will try to get you to pay as close to MSRP as possible. Nobody should ever pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The sticker price is also known as “the sucker price”. Auto dealers will charge you for anything that they can if you allow it. This includes adding handling fees, administrative fees, and advertising fees to the sales price. Your goal should be to pay as close to the invoice price as possible. The invoice price is the price that the dealership claims that they bought the car at. Most dealerships however get the car cheaper than the invoice price due to holdbacks. The dealership still makes a profit on cars sold at invoice.

Your House 

Buying a home is the largest purchase that you will ever make in your life so you want to be sure that you get it right. Check out recent home sales in the area to make sure that your offer is in the ballpark of the asking price. Research how long the home has been on the market. A house that has been on the market for a long time should offer a substantial discount. The price you pay for your home depends on the negotiation skills of you and your agent. Always ask for a minimum of 10% below the asking price. This gives you leeway to improve your offer and still get a substantial discount. 

Your Electronics

You may not have known this but you could have gotten a discount on your new flat screen television. Big ticket items have great flexibility when it comes to pricing. You don’t have to pay the selling price listed by the store. Bring in competitor coupons and online deals. Ask to speak with a store manager and negotiate a deal. Stores like Best Buy and hhgregg would rather give you a discount on an item than lose a sale. Be sure to let the manager know that giving you a 10 to 15% off your big screen television purchase may just give them a loyal customer for life.

Your Furniture

Did you know that furniture stores mark their products up 200 to 400%? Furniture stores can double or triple their money even when they offer 25 to 50% off. You can save big money by buying direct or buying wholesale. Retailers markup 100 to 125% over wholesalers.  Negotiating a discount with a wholesaler could end up saving you thousands of dollars.