Remember the days when you had to pay for personal finance information. You had to buy books, magazines, and financial publications for access to financial strategies. Even personal finance software applications charged money to help individuals structure a budget and plan their expenses. Programs like Quicken and MSN Money charged $39.95 and up to its customers. Today, you no longer have to pay for lots of personal finance information. There are a ton of free sites available on the Internet. You can get free advice on savings, user feedback on products, and personal finance applications.

Here are 5 personal finance sites that will help you save dough.
This site lets you pool your financial data together from several different sites. You can consolidate all of your bank accounts and financial statements in one place. is the most popular personal finance program because of its ease of use. This site helps you track your spending habits and find out exactly where you are spending your money.

Wesabe is another personal finance site that users love. The uniqueness of Wesabe is the active feedback from the Wessabe community. Wesabe users are able to learn from other users by sharing finance tips, deals, and their experiences. You can get answers in the user forum so that you are an informed shopper.

Money Strands
Money Strands is the free money management site that helps you create a budget. You can check checking account balances, savings account balances, credit card balances, and loan balances. Money Strands even offers recommendations on the best financial products for your needs. For example, you can find the right credit card that would be the most beneficial to you based on your past spending habits.
Fatwallet is a personal finance site that is specifically designed to help users save money. You can find coupons and the best deals available on the net. Before shopping for anything from televisions to shoes, be sure to stop by FatWallet first.

Moneydance offers many of the same options as other personal finance sites but with a twist. Moneydance lets you track your entire investment portfolio. You can keep track of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit. You can enter over 100 different account transactions for free.