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There are tons of articles and posts written on the best jobs to have in the future. Most articles however fail to mention the worst jobs to have over the next decade. Picking the wrong job can result in a lot of heartache and aggravation. These jobs require long hours, little pay, lots of stress, and have poor prospects for growth.

Here are 5 careers to stay away from.

1. Lumberjack

According to numerous job surveys, the worst profession to have in the United States is that of a lumberjack. Lumberjacks work incredibly long hours and for very little pay. The average starting salary is just $22,000 per year and that’s for a 45 hour work week! It’s a thankless profession. Chopping down trees is very physically demanding and the outlook for the future is not so great.

2. Telemarketers

Telemarketers are loathed by people everywhere. They are famous for calling you at home or knocking on your door to try and sell you products that you do not want. Many people find telemarketers annoying because they often call or bother individuals during their free time. Telemarketers are under high pressure to produce and industry turnover is very high. The future doesn’t look good for telemarketers. The industry is being hurt by new government regulations such as the Do Not Call list which lets consumers avoid getting  harassing phone calls.

3. Day Laborer

Unskilled workers are known as roustabouts. Roustabouts are deckhands, longshoremen, wharf laborers, and oil service workers. These jobs require very little training which makes workers expendable. Roustabouts have very little job security and can be laid off in a moment’s notice.

4. Construction Worker

The residential and commercial real estate market was booming all through the 90’s. The housing crisis of the late 2000’s has had a dramatic impact on the construction market. Real estate has been in the doldrums and the market is experiencing no job growth. With tighter regulations on lending and debt ridden consumers, things will continue to look bleak for construction workers for the next decade.

5. Taxi Driver

If you thought lumberjacks worked for peanuts, wait until you see the salary of taxi drivers. While the job may not be as physically demanding as other professions, taxi drivers work very long hours The average starting salary is just $16,000. This is the lowest starting salary of any profession listed. Fighting rush hour traffic and dealing with impatient customers just isn’t worth the meager salary.