Welcome to first ever Carnival of Banking and Money Management a weekly collection of the best in banking and management. If you are interested in hosting please don’t hesitate.

Lauren Dzuris presents Top Money Mistakes Made by Young Parents | FindMyCarSeat.com an article on the common money mistakes new parents make.

Alexander Green presents What You Should Know About Capital Gains Tax And Your Property an article about Capital Gains Tax And how to save property tax.

The Military Wallet presents What Happens If You Contribute Too Much to an IRA? : Don’t panic if you contribute too much to an IRA – you may still have time to correct it without having to pay penalties or fees. But if you let it go too long, you may be in for a surprise!

Janet presents Credit Card Lawsuit Alleges MasterCard and Visa Involved in Price Fixing : A BC lawsuit alleges that MasterCard and Visa are engaging in price fixing and that forcing merchants to pay these fees — without being able to charge credit card users more for their use of premium credit cards — is illegal.

Alex Young presents How To Stretch Your Paycheck – Are you fed up of receiving your pay check, only to see the money completely gone before you have a chance to blink? Just before I decided to get serious about accumulating wealth my situation was exactly the same. My pay check simply didn’t stretch. Nowadays any flow of income that comes in effortlessly stretches until the next inflow comes through. So how do I achieve it?

Nathan presents Credit Unions vs Traditional Banks: Why credit unions are better for various reason including lower fees, better service, higher rates and more.