Welcome to the 71st Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. This week we’ve had a lot of budgeting posts that made the cut. If you’re wanting to schedule to host, submit a post or other inquiry please visit Carnival of Money Stories.

Editor Picks

freefrombroke presents It’s Still A Good Idea To Buy A House In This Economy posted at Free From Broke.

FMF presents Save Money by Donating Things You Were Going to Throw Away posted at Free Money Finance.A quick Money-Saving Tip that can save hundreds per year.

Darren presents Sales Techniques – Tricks Used To Influence You To Buy posted at MORE than Finances.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Attention Small Business Owners: Are You Harnessing the Power of Outsourcing?” posted at Jeff Rose.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Learning to Fail Fast posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Khaleef @ KNS Financial presents CVS Shopping for the Week of 9.05.10 – Saved $254, Spent $11.50, Made $64 posted at Faithful With A Few.

NMTips presents Why An Emergency Fund Is Essential posted at I Need Money.

Mrs. Accountability presents Fry’s Electronics Rebates – I Almost Lost 15 Dollars posted at Out of Debt Again.

Neal Frankle presents How to Open An IRA and Avoid the Pitfalls posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Other Financial
Ken presents How The Health Reform Act Affected My Employee Benefits posted at Spruce Up Your Finances.

Susan Howe presents 5 Common Life Insurance Scams That Can Cost You Dearly posted at The Budget Life Blog.

ComplexSearch presents Credit Score: Hard Inquiry vs. Soft Inquiry (shameful plug).