Welcome to very 2nd Edition of the Carnival of Travel and Tourism. Every week we gather the weeks’ best posts from bloggers on Travel and Tourism.

Lizette Gagne presents The Hapiness Of Guests… But At What Cost? posted at Destination: Theme Park.

Nicholas Brown presents 5 Ways Africa Will Surprise You posted at A Life Out Loud. A post about traveling in Africa, food, technology, cities, and the general tourist appeal of the continent.

Sander presents Keelung Peace Island posted at Taiwan Culture Exchange.

Sheryl Owen presents Change of Address: Top 10 Destinations for Snowbirds posted at Change of Address.

Tom Tessin presents Airline Baggage Policy for 2010 posted at FAC Travel Blog.

Mike Fitterer presents 5 Tips for Easy Traveling – Calendars by Orange Circle Studio posted at Calendars by Orange Circle Studio.

Byteful Travel presents How Standby Tickets Work, Why You Should Know posted at Byteful Travel.