Best CD Rates in Iowa as of January 2021

Deal Summary

Iowa State Bank, 12-month CD, 0.71% APY, minimum deposit $1000, dividends paid semi-annually

Bank Plus, 12-month CD, 0.86% APY, $1,000 minimum deposit, dividends paid quarterly

American State Bank, 12-month CD, 0.35%, $1,000 minimum deposit, dividends paid semi-annually.

Iowa’s Top CD Rates

The top CD rates in Iowa are from Iowa State Bank and Bank Plus. At Iowa State Bank you can get a 12-month CD with 0.71% APY and a minimum deposit of $1,000. At Bank Plus, their top CD is 12 months with 0.86% APY and a $1,000 minimum deposit. With Iowa State, the dividends are paid semi-annually. At Bank Plus, the dividends are paid quarterly.

At American State Bank, their top rate is the 12-month CD, which has a 0.35% APY and a $1,000 minimum deposit. The dividends here are paid semi-annually.


You must be a member of all three of these banks in order to be able to open a CD with them. If you already have an account with any of these banks, all you need to do to open a CD is to call the bank or go in person with any relevant information.

Branches in Iowa

Bank Plus: Estherville, Graettinger, Swea City, Ledyard.

American State Bank: Hospers, Hull, Orange city, Sioux Center

Iowa State Bank: Clarksville, Parkersburg, Kesley.

Bank Overview

Bank Plus is a locally owned bank that has assets over $130 million. Employees at Bank Plus are dedicated to helping their community and are always looking for ways to do so. Over the last year, they have volunteered over 1000 hours of their time as a collective to helping those who need it. They have also raised $1600 in donations to help their community.

American State Bank was established in 1934 and has continued to grow ever since then. Their core values include delivering and being held to their promises, being accountable for their actions, and always doing good. As a result of their values, they only hire people who also believe and hold these values themselves. In terms of community involvement, American State Bank tries to be a generous and as involved as possible. They are also dedicated to helping their customers in any way they can and continue to support the efforts of others.

Iowa State Bank pride themselves in providing for their community in every way that they can. They are dedicated to providing their customers with superior products and services and are locally owned and operated to best meet the needs of their members. The bank’s employees are all there to help with anything their members might need, whether it be big or small.