Best Credit Cards for Good Credit 2012

Credit Cards for People With Good Credit Scores

Credit card providers have changed many rules for new credit card applicants. In the past, credit cards were available to a good majority of people that necessarily should not have qualified for a line of credit due to past credit issues. Now, requirements for good credit are a must in order to get a credit card with the best interest rates and incentive programs.

What Good Credit Brings

Having and maintaining good credit histories and high credit scores opens the door for the best choices in credit cards. It is wise to compare several credit cards before selecting the one that is most relevant to your lifestyle and spending habits.

With good credit, you can essentially have your pick of credit cards from the major providers. Additionally, a comfortable line of credit to give you the purchase power you need will likely be approved by the provider. Good credit scores include those above 700. Some creditors will want to see even higher scores in the range of 720 and higher in order to give the best interest rates and credit card terms.

Selecting the Right Card

For those interested in applying for a new credit card, it is financially smart to compare the different aspects of a new credit card before committing to one provider. Opening too many credit card accounts, especially in a short period of time, will weaken your credit score. Selecting the right card the first time around can go a long way to maintaining good to excellent credit scores.

Explore several credit card offers found online and through direct mail promotions. Review the credit card terms and conditions of each, paying close attention to the annual interest rate, the promotional offers, and the incentive programs for each. Weigh the pros and cons of each credit card according to your spending needs and purchase power. Be sure to contact the card company directly to clarify any points or offers you do not clearly understand.

Maintaining Good Credit

When applying for a credit card with a good credit score, it is important for consumers to utilize the credit card effectively to keep credit scores high and histories clear. Paying the credit card bill on time with each billing cycle is a big factor in maintaining good credit. It is also wise to pay more than the minimum on monthly purchases. Ideally, card holders looking to consistently improve their credit score and maintain a good rating should pay off their credit card debts in full each month. Credit scores will reflect good payment history and open the door for other financing opportunities for the card holder.

Good credit is an important part of a consumer’s overall financial life and counts for more than just the ability to get financing. Utilizing a credit card to maintain good credit is a method many consumers use to keep scores high and financial opportunities available. Before applying for a new credit card, request a copy of your consumer credit report and pay the additional fee to access your credit score. Knowing where you stand credit-wise is a good first step to achieving a long history of good credit.

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1 Comment

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