The debate over credit unions and banks is heating up ever since the financial crisis of 2008. After the bailout consumer attitude towards traditional banks took a nose-dive. I once held a national bank, one that didn’t do much sub-prime lending: US Bank, but the urge to move to a credit union was strong.

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It seemed everybody I knew was moving to a credit union, disgusted by fees, upset by service and unhappy with their savings yields. In terms to sway you to choose a credit union I’ve contact views from those who recently switched from a traditional bank. Here is what they have to say:

I am currently finishing the process of moving both my personal and business accounts away from Bank of America. I have had accounts with them for over 10 years. The last couple of years the service went from mediocre to completely unacceptable. There have been various problems and no one at BOA cares if you close your account.

By contrast, my local credit union treats customers like they are VIPs. Credit union employees actually remember my name, and they will even waive fees without a request. I should have changed years ago, and I would definitely recommend it for others. – JIM OLENBUSH, CRS, GRI

Many credit unions offer higher rates on CDs, Savings, Money Markets without fees.

I recently switched to a credit union. They had better interest rates for various accounts, no fees. When I moved, I also got a better mortgage rate from them than any of the other local banks. I was familiar with the staff and their culture since my last company and the credit union had had some friendly, competitive wellness events together. – Unknown

I’ve been a member of First Entertainment Federal Credit Union for over a decade. I’ve had an IRA there and a minimal amount of money in my savings and a checking account. My main business and personal accounts were with Chase. However, since Chase started charging fees for all of their accounts, I moved all of my accounts / money to my credit union since I didn’t meet Chase’s requirements to get the fees waived. I have not encountered any problems and my credit union is part of a network which allows me to make deposits and withdrawals at local facilities. – Marc Kruskol

Impeccable customer service is also cited as a reason to choose credit unions verses banks.

When we moved to East Lansing in 2009 to work at Michigan State University, we thought we’d try our local credit union, the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

While we were very happy with our BB&T experience, the MSUFCU rivals any bank we have ever worked with.  Their customer service is impeccable.  Every time we go into the bank, we get the full attention of the tellers or even the managers in the bank.  When we we needed the signature of a notary public, the manager signed our forms and even gave us the federal express envelope and then mailed our forms in at their expense–and this was all after their 5 p.m. closing time.  We never felt rushed but felt like we were the most important customer they had at that moment.

Each time we do into that credit union, we get the same professional, courteous treatment.  I told them recently that I would miss them when I move back to North Carolina and the teller said, “You don’t have to–we can help you from NC.  Keep your account with us and we’ll provide you with the same great service, even from a distance.”

As you can tell, I have recommended them to many people since we joined.  I even recommend them to my students as a place to start their careers.  It is obvious that their culture is one where employees enjoy their work, and that makes customers enjoy being there, too.

I study the topic of how organizations and leaders build trust, so the way that the employees and managers treat us is critical to building trust with us.  – Karen Mishra, Ph.D. –

There’s no earthly comparison between a bank and a good credit union (like the one that I joined: Burbank Federal Credit Union). On every point of service that counts to me, they are friendly, efficient, and transparent. Why any individual would put up with a bank as their primary source of money movement is (way) beyond me. Although it DID take me many years of bank abuse to get me into that credit union lobby the first time. Put me on the “YES” list for credit unions (and in particular Burbank FCU).  – DOUG STOKES_ Duart

I switched my business account from Bank of America to Rivermark Community Credit Union for the simple reason
that BofA couldn’t figure out how to reactivate the ability to
download my transactions into Quickbooks. It used to work, they broke it, then after 2 months of my complaining and them supposedly fixing it, it  was still broken.  I moved some of the money over to Rivermark, and lo and behold their Quickbooks download was also brokern.  However, I was able to talk to the company’s actual human Internet wizard, and in 2 DAYS he fixed it!  I then completed moving all my business funds over to Rivermark and closed the BofA account. – Anonymous