The recent “Great Recession” (which some are still feeling the effects of) has shown us that nothing is as certain as we would like. New skills are needed if you want to survive the coming career climate. Over the past decade, we have been seeing a shift to a more fluid career climate, and the future is only going to see movement across industries — and the creation of new industries and job descriptions. He are 3 qualities you will need in order to experience career success in the coming years between now and retirement:

1. Flexibility

You will need to be flexible in what you are willing to do, as well as be flexible in the kind of work schedule that you keep. Companies are looking for telecommuters, and also for more temporary workers and independent contractors. You will need to develop skills that can help you fit these types of working arrangements. Additionally, the flexibility to learn new things, and even work across disciplines and job descriptions.

2. Broad Focus

Can you see how an area of your expertise might be applied to a field that may not traditionally make use of it? Can you explain why your business background makes you ideal for a health care job? Too much of a narrow focus on a specific position or limiting yourself to the field that “makes the most sense” could lead to your being passed over. Develop an ability to explain why your experience and perspective have broader applications, and consider possibilities that may not be obvious.

3. Financial Preparation

The new realities of the workforce mean that financial preparation is a must. You need to do what you can to establish an emergency fund and live within your means. Financial preparation may also be necessary for those who can no longer rely on benefits to help them pay for health care and fund retirement plans. Your finances need to be in order so that you can weather lay-offs without financial devastation, as well as so that you are in a position to seize unconventional opportunities that may arise.