For many people, holidays are all about fun and freedom – you are away from the shackles of work or home and can pretty much please yourself as to where you go and what you do. If you are keen caravanner, then you’ll probably agree that nothing beats the feeling of taking your caravan on the road and heading off on holiday somewhere. With your own ready-made accommodation with you, you potentially have all the freedom of being able to stop wherever you want (within limits of course!). However, before you go, it may be important to check that you have suitable caravan insurance, so that if something does go wrong, your holiday isn’t completely ruined.

Having adequate cover will depend on where you going and what you plan to do – so your caravan insurance needs may be different to someone else’s. For example if you are planning to stay in the UK, then you will not require continental cover.

However, what applies to all caravanners is that not all caravan insurance policies are exactly the same. What policies offer in the terms and conditions that are attached to them may vary, as well as pricings.

What this means for you is that in order to get the most suitable cover for your caravan – and to make sure that your holiday won’t be affected too much if the unexpected does happen – comparing policies is probably a smart move.

When comparing caravan cover – and not just in relation to your holiday – things to take note of may include:

  • what type of cover is offered – new for old or market value replacement?
  • are there annual mileage limits on travel?
  • what restrictions are there, if any, on travel outside of the UK?
  • can you apply for cover even if you have made a claim previously on your caravan insurance?
  • Are discounts available if you are a member of a recognised caravanning organisation? Caravan club insurance discounts may be available with some policies for example; is there a telephone helpline available for making a claim? Websites that do not have a telephone number on display means you could end up frustrated when trying to sort out a claim, or if you have a query on your cover;
  • depending on whether you are looking for tourer insurance or insurance for your motorhome, are there any age restrictions as to who can drive / tow the caravan?
  • if you are looking for static home cover, are discounts available if you live in a flood-free postcode area? (Some insurers will rate your premium based on whether there is a history of floods in your area);
  • is caravan breakdown insurance included?
  • is alternative accommodation provided in the event that your caravan breaks down? etc.

Finally, don’t forget to compare the price too. You may find that buying caravan insurance online, rather over the telephone or in an insurance broker’s shop, may see your premium attract discounts. Happy holidays!