KS State Bank is based out of Manhattan, Kansas, and was founded in 1969. Since 2015, the bank has rebranded under its current moniker and has expanded out to states on the west coast including Arizona. Along with its CD offerings, KS State Bank offers a wide range of traditional banking products such as home loans, auto loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, and more. 

KS State Banks CD accounts have average rates and very low minimum deposit requirements. KS State Bank offers certificates starting with 0.20% interest rates all the way up to 0.95% APY rates. 

KS State Bank offers a very large selection of certificates, ranging from the simple 1-year CD with a $500 minimum deposit and 0.30% APY rate. The highest certificate offered is the 7 year CD which has a 0.95% APY and a $500 minimum deposit. All standard CD accounts at KS State Bank have a $500 minimum account deposit. 

KS Bank offers a competitive Checking Rate of 1.50% APY for Balances up to $25,000.
Assuming all requirements are met within the statement cycle for balances up to $25,000; interest rate on balances over $25,000 is 0.25%, 0.25% APY. If qualifications are not met, interest rate drops to 0.20%, 0.20% APY on all balances.

In addition to the normal CDs, KS State Bank also offers “Jumbo” CDs that have higher minimum deposits but larger APY rates. A 1-year jumbo CD has a $100,000 initial deposit and a 0.30% APY, while a 2-year jumbo CD has a $100,000 deposit and a 0.40% APY rate. In general, the APY rates for jumbo CDS increase quicker than those for regular CDs. 

In addition to the standard and jumbo CDs, KS State Bank also offers several other deposit accounts with good interest rates. For example, their checking PLUS account has a 1,49% interest rate and a very small $100 minimum balance. Their simple savings account has a 0.20% APY and a minimum account balance of $100. 

KS State Bank also IRA CDS, but these are only available in person and cannot be created online. All interest for all deposit accounts is calculated on the daily balance method where a daily rate is applied to the principal amount each day and compounded quarterly. 

Another unique feature is that you can use your CD funds as collateral to secure a loan from KS State Bank. You can actually often get a lower interest rate on your loan if you go this route. Like most banks, if your account reaches the maturation date and you do not do anything for a week then your money will be redeposited and the certificate will be renewed. 

Lastly, KS State Bank offers its Jump Up CD which allows you to bump up your rate once per term. This CD starts with a minimum of $1,000 deposit for 0.30% interest over 27 months. The withdrawal penalty for this account is 12 months’ worth of interest. 

In order to open a CD, you must live in a region serviced by KS State bank and you must be over 18 years old and provide a valid social security number. Overall, KS State Bank offers good deposit accounts, solid CD rates, and flexible maturation dates and timeframes.