When people collaborate with a shared goal of helping one another get a leg up in the world, magical things happen. This synergistic energy is exactly what led seven scientific professionals to bond together in 1949 with $2 each and work toward bettering one another financially. Over time, this institution evolved into the NASA Federal Credit Union that exists today.

TermMinimum BalanceAPY^Dividend Rate
60 months$1,0001.35%1.34%
49 months1$10,0001.45%1.44%
48 months$1,0001.30%1.29%
36 months Bump Rate2$1,0001.05%1.045%
36 months$1,0001.15%1.15%
24 months Bump Rate3$1,0000.90%0.90%
24 months$1,0001.00%1.00%
15 months4$10,0001.20%
12 months$1,0000.95%0.95%
12 months Add-On$2500.85%0.85%
12 months Early Savers††$500.95%0.95%
9 months5$10,0001.10%1.09%
6 months$1,0000.90%0.90%

NASA Federal Credit Union consists of over 177,000 members distributed across the country, but the mission of the institution remains the same as it did when it began. 

NASA Federal Credit Union offers several Certificate options. 

Those looking for higher dividends should opt for the Share Certificates. This product has flexible terms that range from 6 months to 5 years, a guaranteed rate of return, and the provision that allows you to borrow against your funds. 

Another option is the Early Savers Certificate. This product is open to Members under 23 years of age. The certificate for early savers can be opened with as little as $50, and additional deposits are welcome throughout the term.

Savers who need to start small can choose the Add-On Certificate. This product can begin with as little as $250, and it has a year-long term for less of a commitment. Savers can add to their savings on their own terms by depositing up to $2,500 each month within the certificate.

The Premier Bump-Rate Certificate allows savers to have control over the rate. The Certificate requires a $1,000 beginning deposit with a term of either 24 or 36 months, and during this time, savers can request a one-time rate increase. 

Employment with NASA is not the only avenue for membership in the NASA Federal Credit Union. Family members of employees and credit union members can also enjoy membership. For those interested in membership who lack these affiliations, they can apply for a one-year complimentary membership in the National Space Society, which qualifies as a membership qualification for the credit union.