There are many ways to save money, from buying a smaller house, to refinancing your car loan or mortgage loan, to cutting out the cable subscription. But those items are big, and they may not be practical in your life.

Indeed, you might be looking for smaller, simpler ways to save money. Whether you want the money for more “fun” things, or whether you are looking to find the money to pay down debt, or shore up your emergency fund, you can use the power of small changes over time to improve your circumstances. Even though you have heard of the small and simple ways to save money, occasionally we all need a reminder:

Clip Coupons

It really doesn’t take very much time to clip coupons. A few minutes while you are watching TV, and you are done. However, you do need to be careful. Only clip coupons for things you would buy anyway. If you want to save, you can’t use coupons as an excuse to get something you wouldn’t normally get.

Comparison Shop

You don’t need to take a lot of time comparison shopping. Look for the best deals. You can shop online to find the best prices, and save a little money. Make sure, though, that you factor shipping into any online costs.


You don’t have to pay full price for many things. You can negotiate. It’s a relatively small and simple thing to simply ask for a discount in many cases. The worst that can happen is that you are told “no.” However, in many cases, negotiation is often possible.

Bring Your Own…

You can save money by bringing you own food to work. Brown bag lunches have long been hailed as staples of the “small ways to save” lifestyle. Instead of buying more expensive food, you can take your own lunch, saving money — and eating healthier in many cases.

Additionally, you can bring your own coffee in the morning, rather than buying it. You’ll save money, and those savings could really start to add up.

Consider Timing

It’s a small thing to consider when you go somewhere. My husband and I like to go out to lunch for “dates” and take in the matinee. Lunches and movie matinees cost less than dinners and evening movies. Plus, when we go to lunch, or catch a matinee, our son is in school. That means we don’t have to pay a babysitter.

What are your favorite small and simple ways to save?