It’s hard to pinpoint who has the highest credit limit in the world when there are some people who use cards that essentially have no credit limit. There are credit cards out there so exclusive, and so prestigious, used by the rich and powerful, that there isn’t a formalized limit to what they can spend on the card. As long as the bills are paid, the users of these cards can pretty much charge whatever they want.

Some of the cards with these non-existent limits come with hefty annual fees, but they are considered symbols of status. Some of them are such exclusive status symbols that you can only use the credit cards if you are invited to do so. Here are the top 10 credit cards with the highest limits, and greatest exclusivity, in the world:

10. Chase SapphireSM
Chase offers the SapphireSM card for those who are particularly moneyed. There is no spending limit for this particular card (although there is a downgraded “regular” Sapphire for the rest of us), and it comes with the ability to rack up bonus points like you wouldn’t believe. Like so many cards meant for the rich, famous and powerful, the Chase SapphireSM focuses on travel benefits and high end concierge services.

9. Bank of America Accolades
This credit card is an American Express card offered through Bank of America. The Accolades card comes with an annual fee of $295, and the ability to earn points toward luxury experiences, such as high end cooking classes and vacations on luxury private islands. Few people can afford this card, and the services offered are the type that the rich and famous are used to.

8. Citi Chairman American Express
The Citi Chairman is just one of several credit cards geared toward high end spenders. The annual fee on this card is $500, and users get access to special discounts and upgrades, as well as access to airport lounges and private jets. This card is meant to allow big spenders the ability to buy pretty much what they want, and earn rewards for doing it. With the true luxury spenders, it’s easy to make up for the steep annual fee.

7. Barclay Visa Black
The Visa Black credit card is one of the most prestigious in the world, and Barclay, the venerable British banking institution, offers this card. It comes with a $495 annual fee, and is actually made of black graphite, rather than being produced out of plastic. The 24-hour concierge service can help high end spenders accomplish just about anything they want: Shopping sprees after hours, private jets to private islands, and other unattainable desires. All you need is the Visa Black card. But it’s hard to get: Only about 1% of the U.S. population qualifies for this card.

6. American Express Platinum
Now we’re getting serious. With the American Express Platinum, “platinum” truly means something. This isn’t a card that just anyone can qualify for. The credit limit is sky high, offering users great purchasing power. Indeed, you can enjoy the fact that there is no pre-set spending limit on this card, and no interest to pay – since you have to repay the balance every month. Your spending limit is only what you can pay off each month. There is an annual fee of $450, though, and a fee of $175 for each additional card you request, up to three. Access to airport lounges, members only fashion stores and more are some of the membership perks.

5. Stratus Rewards Visa
Stratus Rewards is a relatively new player in the world of high end credit cards. The idea is to redeem rewards for things like private tours of the Louvre, or an exclusive Egyptian pyramid adventure. In order to earn such luxury rewards, a card holder might have to spend as much as $195,000 a year. One of the bonuses of the Stratus Rewards Visa, though, is that it is possible to use the card with your friends, pooling points and earning rewards faster. There is an annual fee of $1,500. When you start paying that much just for the privilege of using the card, you know you are truly in the stratosphere.

4. Visa Infinite
You can only use the Visa Infinite by invitation. This is the most prestigious card offered by Visa. (Many people think the Visa Black is the most prestigious – but that’s only because they’re not rich and powerful enough to have even heard of the Visa Infinite.) The Visa Infinite comes with…infinite…purchasing power, and a number of exclusive perks and rewards. A concierge service caters to your whims 24 hours a day, and you can enjoy any number of opportunities.

3. American Express Centurion Card – The Black Card

The American Express Centurion Card, or the Black Card, is only available by invitation. And that invitation only comes after you have proved yourself. You have to use the American Express Platinum for in excess of a year before you will even be considered. On top of that, you have to show your expensive taste by using the Platinum card for luxury. You should spend at least $250,000 on the Platinum card during that year, and have perfect personal finances. This is a must, since there is no spending limit to this card. You can spend as much as you can repay. The annual fee is $2,500, and you have access to a personal concierge assigned especially to you for your needs. The latest Centurion Cards are made of titanium.

2. Dubai First Royale MasterCard
The American Express Black Card may be made of titanium, but is it studded with diamonds? The very exclusive Dubai First Royale MasterCard is available only to about 200 people in the world, all of them super rich. Users must have amazing wealth – since there is no spending limit – and have social standing as well. The process to produce the titanium card studded with diamonds is such that very few of them can be made, since they are all handcrafted.

1. Coutts & Co. World MasterCard
The only reason this card beats out the Dubai First Royale card is because it is even more exclusive. Only about 100 people in the entire world have access to this card. The Queen of England is one of these people, since she banks at Coutts & Co. Even though the annual fee is a fairly modest 350 pounds (about $550), the requirements to qualify for this card are stringent. You have to be a Coutts & Co. client, and you have to have millions of dollars in assets. Your private concierge will help you get anything you want. After all, if you qualify for this card, you are practically royalty.