Increasing your Financial IQ to the ranks of Warren Buffet doesn’t happen over night. But like everything that has to do with learning, you can become smarter with hard work, some dedication and a can-do attitude. Watching videos can help you understand complex ideas and things that many people have the problem digesting by reading. Watching videos can also help you retain information for quite some time.

Try this, next time you read a lengthy, perplexing article, say aboutcollateralized debt obligations – watch a video on it. By doing this you will retain the information for longer than you might think. After reading a few dozen personal finance blogs, why not take a break and enjoy boosting your financial IQ from these sites.

Financial-IQ Boosting Video Sites:

  1. is rather amazing. Over 1,200, 10 minute educational videos made by Salman Khan. Ranging in topics from Chemistry, Basic Math, to History, Khan has hundred of videos on Banking, Economics, Investing, the Mortgage Fiasco, the Bailout, his personal anecdotes and more. This Harvard MBA graduate who once worked at a Hedge Fund, after getting a Masters in electrical engineering and computer science, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science, and a BS in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; started KhanAcademy by himself with no outside investors. Why not learn somebody who is likely smarter than you.
  2. Tipd – Videos is a personal finance social news site. Users can post links to videos, as well as articles, and users vote on which links are most beneficial. When your reviewing the community news articles, why not stop around and view some financial related videos.
  3. MoneyManagement International offers quality videos usually hosted by a CPA or CFP without the nuisance of display ads. Small in quantity of videos, but high in quality these videos will quickly address the things average consumers need to be aware about most.
  4. CNNMoney Videos has an entire video section dedicated to Personal Finance, Business, Markets and more financial topics. These professionally produced videos often come with a 15-second pre-roll ad – which can be annoying on a 3 minute video. But otherwise this is a great source for quality financial information.
  5. BNet has a video section mainly dedicated to Financial News, Business News and Markets. These videos are sometimes pulled from shows like 60 Minutes, which means you can catch highly relevant financial information quickly.
  6. Howcast financial section provides videos, often comical, about very simple financial ideas and terms. Don’t get too immersed, some of the videos are hit or miss, most of the professionally produced videos are quite helpful – but beware there are few of them.
  7. Blinkx hosts quite a lot of Financial Times videos.
  8. Reuters hosts a mixture of videos but mainly has financial articles/news.
  9. Google Videos is a video search engine – you know what to do.