One of the things that has struck me as some gear up for what some believe will be the Rapture tomorrow, is that we really do want our assets cared for after we are gone. It’s why we get involved in estate planning. We write wills and form trusts in an effort to make sure that those we leave behind are cared for. As I’ve read stories of post-rapture services — especially pet care — booming, it’s had me thinking about estate planning.

Some believe that tomorrow, May 21, 2011, will be the date of the Rapture. In the Christian religion, the righteous will be taken up to heaven. Those remaining will have to live through the turmoil and unpleasantness leading up to the end of the world. However, some believers want to make sure their pets are well-cared for through the end-times, and that their assets can be of use to those left behind. Some of the services offered include those that send messages to those left behind, providing them with account numbers and passwords so that assets can be accessed.

Making Your Wishes Known and Caring for Your Survivors

Whether or not you believe the Rapture is imminent, you can learn something from these services. When putting together an estate plan, you need to figure out where you want your money to go. Consider who should have your assets. You can also list all of your accounts, and the passwords, so your heirs can access your assets. If you have pets that need to be cared for, or minor children that need guardians, that can all be arranged through a properly constructed estate plan.

Many of us don’t like to think about dying, and putting together an estate plan seems to play into our own fears and doubts about our eventual deaths. However, if you are interested in seeing your assets go to your heirs without a lengthy and expensive probate process, and if you want your wishes honored regarding your assets and loved ones, an estate plan is necessary.

In some cases, a will and a few other documents are sufficient. However, in other cases, it might be preferable to set up a trust. Carefully consider your needs and your wishes. Then, put together an estate plan that will accomplish what you want it to after you are gone. And that is true whether you believe the Rapture will take you away, or whether you believe you will die in your own time.


Miranda is a Freelance writer focusing on banking and personal finance.