Investors seeking information concerning CD rates should first understand that factors like certificate term and financial institution location will impact interest earned. Additionally, investors who qualify for membership in a local credit union may find benefits – and rates – are far more satisfactory than commercial bank offerings.  Moreover, never settle for the first rates you discover. Research rates available at, in the very least, three credit unions in the San Bernardino, Calif. area

Checking for the Best Rates

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The information presented offers the best CD rates in a 50-mile radius of San Bernardino spotlighting three credit union institutions:

  • SCE Credit Union – Operates under the motto: “People Helping People.” SCE has been conducting banking services for more than 50 years. All members share equally in SCE, regardless if a 1 million dollar depositor or a 1 dollar depositor. Profits translate to lower loan rates for members plus more – and better – financial services
  • F&A Credit Union – Originally chartered in 1936, F&A began offering financial services to employees of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Agriculture Department, thus the “F” and the “A.” Today, F&A offers membership to employees and families of cities that contract for services from the LA County Fire Department. It has grown to be one of the largest credit unions in the country having made a commitment to quality service for more than 75 years.
  • Arrowhead Credit Union – From a start up more than six decades ago serving only San Bernardino county employees, this non-profit financial institution has grown to serve the needs of many individuals in both San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Arrowhead states it is dedicated not only to helping its members improve financial lives, but has a deep-seated commitment toward improving overall life in the communities served.

Right now, the average CD rates in the San Bernardino Credit Unions are:

  • SCE Credit Union: 4.85%
  • F & A Credit Union: 2.09%
  • Arrowhead Credit Union: 1.90%

Highest 12-Month CD Rates in San Bernardino Credit Unions are:

  • SCE Credit Union: 4.84%
  • F & A Credit Union: 2.3%
  • Arrowhead: 2.0%

Check Out Account Specifics

When looking to locate the best 24-month CD rates in San Bernardino, there are a couple of aspects to consider when selecting the account most appropriate for you. These aspects include minimum deposit required, term length and the actual interest rate. Make sure to examine a CD account for any hidden charges as well that might include a monthly maintenance fee.

Top 24-Month CD Rates in San Bernardino Credit Unions are:

  • SCE Credit Union: 4.84%
  • F & A Credit Union: 2.54%
  • Arrowhead Credit Union: 2.53%

And…the Average is…

The highest 2-year CD rate found in the San Bernardino area that has been found chimes in at 4.84% APY. The lowest offered is 0% APY. The average rate comes in around 1.49% when all financial institutions in the San Bernardino area are examined.

With some information examining CD rates discovering what the highest is available, take into account other membership benefits available from a local Credit Union for which you can qualify in order to put your money on deposit where you will watch it grow.