In the world of the financial horizon, First Hawaiian Bank is one of the leading options available for investors. There are a range of banking options available. These banking options tend to deliver the best performance, but as of 2024, First Hawaiian Bank stands as the most significant banking institution.

To see the credibility a survey was made particularly in the Hawaiian region. In this region, it gained unmatchable popularity because it has established strong physical branches and a reputation there.

To state the credibility, here is a review-based analysis below. The article aims to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the bank along with its various offerings. The most popular offerings include its checking and savings accounts, along with CD rates, money market, and mortgage loan services.

Let’s explore the details in the section below

Bank Overview

To state the overview of the bank, First Hawaiian Bank was established in 1858. To facilitate the customers, the authorities have made it headquartered in Honolulu. Honolulu is the oldest and largest bank in Hawaii.

The bank has the most authentic reputation as it holds and withstands an extensive network/range of personal, business, and commercial banking services.

In addition to all this, the offerings further comprise

  • Various types of deposit accounts
  • Investment options,
  • Wealth management services
  • Loans
  • Credit cards.

Overall, the First Hawaiian Bank is primarily known due to its wide range of products, its accessibility, and most importantly its focus on community-oriented banking and philanthropy.

First Hawaiian Bank Locations

As far as the local branches of First Hawaiian Bank are concerned, It is credibly known due to its vast presence in the Pacific region. There are around a total of 49 branches all across the Hawaiian Islands. Moreover, the additional branches are also found in Guam and Saipan.

This large network of branches is clear evidence and I represent the commitment of the bank to the accessibility and convenience that customers enjoy at the bank.

The presence of branches in multiple locations across the Pacific region significantly explains that a large number of customers are being facilitated by personal as well as business services.

The precise accessibility of almost 50 branches in the Pacific region, including Guam and Saipan, makes it a convenient and ideal option for customers to choose for their banking needs.

Checking Accounts

First Hawaiian Bank is known to deliver high-edge performance due to this flexibility and reliability. The range of checking account options is explained below;

FeaturePure Checking AccountPriority Banking (Gold/Platinum)Complete Checking Account
Minimum Opening Deposit$20$20$20
Monthly Service Fee$2 (waivable with eStatements)$15 – $22 (waivable with combined balances)$7 (waivable with $1,500 direct deposits)
Minimum Balance RequirementNoneCombined balances ranging from $6,000 to $35,000None (but direct deposit requirement)
Check AvailabilityYesYesYes
Debit/ATM CardFreeFreeFree
Online and Mobile BankingYesYesYes
Additional BenefitsBasic features for easy money managementPremium perks and discountsFree checks and other benefits
Target CustomerGeneral customers looking for basic featuresCustomers with higher balances or multiple accountsCustomers with regular direct deposits

Saving Accounts

To further narrate the significance of the Saving accounts a concise explanation is depicted next. The versatility of the offerings is cleared from the discussion below;

FeatureRegular Savings AccountMaxiMizer Savings AccountCertificates of Deposit (CDs)Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Minimum Opening Deposit$20VariesVariesVaries
Monthly Service Fee$5 (waivable with $300 daily balance or if primary account holder is under 18)VariesNoneVaries
Overdraft ProtectionCan be linked to personal checking accountCan be linked to personal checking accountNot applicableNot applicable
Online and Mobile BankingYesYesYesYes
Interest RatesStandard savings ratesMoney market interest ratesFixed interest ratesVaries based on IRA type
CD TypesN/AN/ATraditional, IRA, eCD (online)Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Inherited IRAs
CD Terms and APYsN/AN/AVariesVaries
Retirement Savings OptionsN/AN/ANo withdrawal penalties for qualified distributionsVarious options for retirement savings

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Like all other account options, the First Hawaiian Bank is known to hold and withstand a variety of Certificate of Deposit (CD) options. Each option tends to deliver the best working performance in terms of its competitive rates.

CD Options12-Month IRA CD6-Month eCD (Online CD)
Term12 months6 months
Minimum Opening Deposit$1,000$500
Annual Percentage Yield (APY)3.65%4.50%
Early Withdrawal PenaltyYes, penalties may applyYes, penalties may apply

Moreover, when it comes to the money market accounts, it requires deeper consideration of the authorities. Because it does not have as much credibility as other financial products.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

First Hawaiian Bank also provides various loan options. These loan products are known to hold high perfection for the personal as well as business needs of the investors. Here is a quick elaboration below;

Loan OptionsDescription
Mortgage Loans– For purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage.
Home Equity Loans– Allows homeowners to borrow against the equity in their homes.
Personal Loans– Unsecured loans for personal use.
Lines of Credit– Revolving credit lines that provide flexibility for borrowing as needed.
Business Loans– Various loan options tailored for businesses, including term loans and lines of credit.
SBA Loans– Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to support small businesses.
Leasing Options– Financing options for businesses to lease equipment or vehicles rather than purchasing outright.- Provides flexibility and potential tax benefits.

Additional Considerations

Some of the most authentic products and services that are additionally provided by the bank include;

Banking Products & ServicesDescription
Personal Banking– Checking and savings accounts. – Credit card services. – Wealth management solutions.
Business Banking– Tailored banking solutions. – Credit card processing. – Treasury management. – International services. – Payroll solutions. – Employee benefits planning.
Wealth Management– Planning, investment, and protection solutions. – Private banking and wealth advisors for personalized assistance.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

BankFoundedNumber of BranchesChecking Account Monthly FeeSavings Account APYCD Rates (12-month)Digital BankingCommunity Involvement
First Hawaiian Bank185849 in Pacific Region$2 – $220.02% – 3.95%Up to 3.75%YesYes
Bank of Hawaii189764 in Hawaii$5 – $250.03% – 0.05%Up to 0.60%YesYes
American Savings Bank192549 in Hawaii$0 – $200.01% – 0.03%Up to 0.50%YesYes

Pros and Cons Analysis


  1. The bank is exceptionally popular due to its embraced digital transformation. It provides exceptional online as well as mobile banking platforms that ultimately make the banking services more convenient to access by the customers.
  2. First Hawaiian Bank is also known for its community-focused approach. The bank has engaged in philanthropic activities along with other local initiatives. This aspect further enhances the overall reputation of the bank to deliver the best output for its community.
  3. The bank holds the Financial Stability. It has tremendously shown strong financial performance even with the low Texas Ratio. This indicates the effective management of problem loans and customers can enjoy a stable financial base.


  1. Unlike many other banks, the First Hawaiian Bank does not offer money market accounts. This creates limited options for customers who want to seek these types of savings products.
  2. It holds Less Competitive Interest Rates. for the details, their interest rates on some accounts and CDs are not that competitive when compared to other banks.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of First Hawaiian Bank tend to highlight its strengths in customer service, the convenience of its digital banking platforms, and the variety of banking products. Many customers appreciate the bank’s community involvement and its commitment to local initiatives. 

However, some reviews point out the limitations in terms of interest rates and the lack of money market accounts. It’s also noted that while the bank has a strong regional presence, it may not be the best fit for customers seeking a bank with a more national or international reach.

Final Personal Review – Services, Customer-Centric Approach

The bank came across to assign a higher rank to customer-centric reach, it is obvious in its faction engagement and a vast spectrum of products drafted to meet different customer requirements. 

The chores of individual bankers to customers with integrated account balances over $5,000 are instances of individualized acts of assistance. Despite that, the bank can be upgraded by inaugurating different products such as money market accounts to meet the requirements of a vast range of client base and providing more cut-throat interest rates.


To conclude, First Hawaiian Bank is a very well-regarded and well-reputed monetary organization that holds a clear position specifically in the regions of Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan and mainly in the Pacific region. The bank provides a detailed and vast line of products and services along with diverse loan options, checking and savings accounts, wealth management services, and CD rates. Its E-banking manifesto is a vitality that offers reliability and approach to its clients.


 Does First Hawaiian Bank offer digital banking services?

Yes, First Hawaiian Bank offers robust online and mobile banking services, allowing customers to manage accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, and check balances conveniently.

What are the fees associated with First Hawaiian Bank’s checking and savings accounts?

First Hawaiian Bank charges monthly service fees for its checking and savings accounts, but these can often be waived by meeting certain criteria like maintaining a minimum balance or signing up for e-statements.

Are First Hawaiian Bank’s interest rates competitive?

First Hawaiian Bank’s interest rates on savings, CDs, and other accounts are generally not as competitive as some other banks.

What types of loan products does First Hawaiian Bank offer?

The bank provides various loan products along with mortgage loans for purchase and remortgage, home equity loans, personal loans, lines of credit, and business loans.

Is First Hawaiian Bank involved in community activities?

First Hawaiian Bank is surely well recognized for its communal engagements, illustrating a commitment to the welfare of the communities it provides services for, participating energetically in socially concerned activities and local advantages.