Deal Summary:

State Employee’s Credit Union offers several CD options with the highest earning option a 5 year certificate earning .5% APY. Interest is paid at on maturity date and minimum deposit is $250.

CD Options at STECU:

We have many more options for a certificate deposit at STECU. 4 years will net you .5% APY with a minimum deposit of $250 and interest paid at maturity.

30 months is offered at .4% with the same minimum $250 deposit.

STECU offers laddered certificates and a thorough explanation of their purpose. You can take the total sum you wish to invest and divide it by 5. Instead of buying one certificate of deposit, buy one for every year option available from 1 to 5. As your CDs start to mature, you can chose to convert them to five year certificates instead. You will end up owning several 5 year certificates with one expiring every year. Just notify us in the month before your CDs expire or we can just keep your cash building.

Without laddering, certificates of deposit are meant to be a no risk short or long term investment. Unlike investing in the stock  market, you are guaranteed a return while also helping a local business.


You’ll need to open a State Employee’s Credit Union membership with a savings or checking account to open your certificate of deposit. Better yet, your interest earned will deposit directly into your savings or checking.


STECU offers a vast number of locations within South Carolina – 273 locations to be exact, so we are ready to serve you regardless of where you are in the state.

Bank Overview

State Employee’s Credit Union cares about the community and state we serve. Our contributions are focused on the community and environment, including our Bluebird houses which are dedicated to helping preserve native bird populations. We have sold over 240,000 of our Bluebird Houses. We also founded our own State Employee’s Foundation, which directs fund and volunteers to campaigns for housing, education, health care, and human services, all of which are essential in our community, especially in our areas of expertise with financial education.

Finally, we enjoy helping March of Dimes. We raised over $60,000 to support babies who were born too soon, too small, or had other health issues.

STECU’s focus is on offering the right products and services for our members, as well as educating our customers on financial services. Our goal is to help you finance the things that matter to you, from your transportation in a vehicle, your home remodeling, paying off debt, and saving for school or retirement. Long term planning is key and our bankers can help you decide what you need to achieve your goals. We know that your success is key to our community and our own growth.