ableBanking’s Top CD is 0.60% APY. This is offered on the 48-month CD, with a minimum deposit of $1,000. The dividends on this CD are paid out monthly. This is the perfect choice for the long -term investor who was to get the bigger returns associated with the longer CD terms. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or use this as your base income, it is a great option.

ableBank also offers other CDs with the same rate. You could consider that a 36-month CD better suits your needs. You still achieve the same 0.60% APY and the dividends are paid monthly. Once again, with the dividends being paid out monthly, this can be used for a great income source or to boost your current income.

Limited to individual CD accounts with a principal balance of $240,000 or less. Minimum balance to open is $1,000. Minimum balance to earn stated APY is $500.
Not Available as an IRA. FDIC insurance limits of $250,000 apply to the combined deposit balances between ableBanking and Northeast Bank

ableBank also offers a 6-month CD if you are looking for the short-term investment. This CD offers a 0.45% APY. The dividends on this are paid out when the CD reaches its maturity. This is a great option for those investors who are looking for a fast turnaround on their investment while not reaching the same APY is the longer-term CDs.

ableBank offers 5 CDs in total, for all varying investments term lengths. They all have a minimum of $1,000 deposit, any amount above this is deposited at your discretion. The lowest APY is 0.45% for the shortest term, with the remaining all gaining 0.60%. All CDs are subject to early withdraw penalties.


You will need to become a member of ableBank to open a CD. This is a very simple process that usually only takes a few minutes, and the ableBank representatives will help you every step of the way. You can do this online or go to one of their branches. Either way, you will get the same top-notch service that only companies that have been around for 100+ years know how to give.

Branches in Maine

Auburn, Augusta, Bethel, Brunswick, Buckfield, Harrison, Poland, Portland, and South Paris.

Bank Overview

ableBanking is a community bank, which is a division of Northeast Bank. This bank was founded in 1872 in Maine. They do offer 9 traditional branches and all of their services that are offered in person are also offered online. All the old-world practices of business are still present in this company today. They believe in making every person feel as if they are the most important person who has entered their establishment on that day. Just like any other bank, they also offer the basic amenities that you would expect from any such organization. Checking accounts, saving accounts, business accounts, loans, check cashing, international money exchanging, IRAs, cash and coin orders for business’s, safety deposit boxes, Notary of the public and medallion services, any cash related transactions and more. They also offer a new online mobile app that will let you check your accounts, make payments, stop payments and much more.