Zions Bank was formulated back in 1873. It was first started by Brigham Young and delivers its services primarily in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In terms of personalization and credibility, the bank is known to provide a varied range of banking services. The customers are primarily being facilitated in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Moreover, Its subsidiary, “Zions Bancorporation” is known to provide both personal and business banking solutions. It also comprises different insurance and investment products.

To enrich your information with its detailed overview, here is a review article that will focus on its offerings. It will explain all the savings, checking, CDs, money market accounts, as well as mortgage loans for understanding.

Let’s find out the details further below;

Bank Overview

Zions Bancorporation has a great level of popularity and branches in the western United States. The particular locations include;

As stated above, the bank first appeared in the financial landscape of the world by 1873. It is all the result of the efforts of Brigham Young. From the time of its formation, its services have been very exceptional and prominent.

However, the major points of service are only found in the three states mentioned above. it also has divisions that make it available in several other states. But in the other states, the bank is found by the names;

  • California Bank & Trust
  • Amegy Bank
  • National Bank of Arizona
  • Nevada State Bank
  • Vectra Bank
  • The Commerce Bank of Washington and Oregon

These divisions and approaches have collectively contributed to the aspect of an extensive network that enables customers to reach Zions Bank, both directly and indirectly.

Zions Bank Locations

In Utah, Zions Bank is a particularly prominent financial institute. It favorably holds numerous branches that fall across various cities as well as towns. Key locations in Utah are the branches found in;

  • Layton, Lehi, Logan, Magna, Manti, Midvale, Moab, Monticello, Murray, North Ogden, North Salt Lake, Ogden, Orem, Panguitch, Park City, Payson, Pleasant Grove, Price, Providence, Provo, Randolph, Richfield, Riverton, Roosevelt, Roy, Saint George, Salina, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Santaquin, Saratoga Springs, Smithfield, South Jordan, South Ogden, and Spanish Fork.

This wide distribution of the branches is one of the major reasons for its popularity. It has enabled the Zions Bank to facilitate a large portion of the Utah population. It ultimately provides customers with convenient access to banking services.

Checking Accounts

The most prominent and specified details of the checking accounts powered by Zions Bank are explained in the table next. The information & the details of the accounts are highly specified as per the website resources.

Type of Checking AccountFeaturesInterest Rate (APY)Additional Information
High-Interest Checking– Up to 0.40% APY, based on the account balanceUp to 0.40%Ideal for individuals seeking interest on checking balances
Standard Checking– Check writing, debit card access, online bankingVaries (depends on the account)Different requirements for minimum balances and fees
Business Checking– Tailored for businessesVaries (depends on the account)Suited for both small start-ups and larger commercial ventures
Specialty Services– Retirement planning, agricultural finance, executive banking servicesVaries (depends on the service)Beyond traditional checking, specialized financial services

Saving Accounts

From the perspective of savings accounts, Zions Bank offers a range of savings account options. The authorized details of these accounts are also depicted below for the most precise overview;

Account TypeDescriptionInterest RateFDIC InsuranceSpecial Features
Basic Savings AccountStandard offering for safekeeping and growing funds through interest accrual. Competitive interest rate compared to traditional banks. Safety provided through FDIC insurance, covering up to $250,000 per depositor, per account type.Competitive, though not as high as online banksCovered up to $250,000 per depositorFDIC insurance, safekeeping, and interest accrual.
Internet Savings AccountOnline savings account with an APY of 1.01%. Considered competitive, especially compared to traditional banks. May have different savings tiers and packages for flexibility based on saving goals.1.01% APYCovered up to $250,000 per depositorOnline accessibility, competitive APY, and potential savings tiers for customized goal-based savings.
Young Savers AccountSpecifically designed for individuals under 18. Encourages early saving habits. Typically features no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements, making it accessible and easy for young savers.Varied, may be lower to encourage early savings habitsCovered up to $250,000 per depositorTailored for young savers, no fees, and no minimum balance requirements for ease of management and accessibility for young individuals.

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Like other product options, the Zions Bank is also credible due to its variety of savings options including the CD options and a money market account.

The CD options at Zions Bank are insured, which means that there is no concern left regarding credibility and security. This insurance ensures safety for the required amount of deposit which is up to $250,000.

On the other hand, it provides a relatively low-interest rate in comparison to its online banking. This account has a $3 monthly fee that is bothered by the customers. Whereas, the fees can be waived easily if a person will

  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of $200
  • Making a $25 transfer from a Zions Bank checking account.

However, the other fees need to be paid which include the excess withdrawal, overdraft, and wire transfer fees.

Moreover, when it comes to the money market account at Zions Bank, it used to offer higher interest rates as compared to the other basic savings accounts. These accounts are more flexible for accessing funds. It requires $500 for the minimum deposit requirement and has no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement for its post-opening session. The interest rates are also very flexible based on the account balance. This is the reason that higher balances generally earn a higher rate.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

Zions Bank is known to have a diverse range of loans, ranging from home loan products to other loans as per the various customer needs.

The most common offerings of the bank include traditional fixed-rate mortgages and other adjustable-rate mortgages. The FlexFive home loans and government mortgage loans (like FHA loans) are also very worthy to consider.

In addition to all this, it also comprises special construction loans and home equity loans.

The terms of all these mortgages are very flexible, due to which the customers are attracted a lot and choose a mortgage term that meets and suits their financial goals and budget.

Additional Products and Services 

The additional products and services are also very credible to connect with the Zions Bank offers. It comprises a diverse array of products and services that are beyond the traditional savings, checking, and CD accounts. The offerings are;

Banking ServiceDescription
Personal Banking– Internet Savings Account – High-Interest Checking Accounts – Money Market Account (Minimum balance of $2,500 required for interest)
Business Banking– Treasury Management – Corporate Trusts – SBA-Approved Loans – Economic Forecasts – E-commerce Solutions – Merchant Account Services – Linking Personal and Business Accounts
Investments– Provided in partnership with Zions Direct, Zions Investment Services Group, and Western National Trust Company (WNTC) – Various investment options – Trust Administration – Wealth Management
Specialty Services– Limited information provided. Details not specified in the sources.
FDIC Insurance– Zions Bank is an FDIC-insured institution. – Most deposit accounts (e.g., checking, savings, money market) are insured up to $250,000 per depositor, per insured institution.
Online Accessibility– Despite a limited number of branches primarily in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, Zions Bank provides comprehensive online banking services. – Online money market account with higher interest rates.

Apart from all this, It is worth considering that Zions bank shows low account interest rates for its savings accounts.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

FeatureZions BankChase BankAlly Bank (Online)
Interest RatesCompetitive rates; specific rates not detailed in sources, but typically tiered based on account type and balanceVaried based on account type; Chase Plus Savings offers tiered relationship rates (up to 0.08% APY for higher balances)Generally higher rates than traditional banks due to the online nature
Minimum DepositVaries by account type; specific minimums not detailed in sources$25 for Chase Savings and $100 for Chase Plus SavingsOften low or no minimum deposit requirements
Monthly Maintenance FeeFee details not specified; typically can be waived under certain conditions$5 for Chase Savings, waivable under certain conditions (e.g., maintaining a minimum balance or linking to specific Chase checking accounts)Usually no monthly maintenance fees
Online/Mobile BankingAvailable, with standard online banking featuresAvailable, with comprehensive online and mobile banking toolsStrong emphasis on online and mobile banking, given the nature of online banks
Physical Branch AccessAvailable; Zions Bank has a physical presenceExtensive branch and ATM network across the U.S.No physical branches, operates entirely online
FDIC InsuranceUp to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership categoryUp to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership categoryUp to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category
Overdraft ProtectionNot specifically mentioned in sourcesAvailable, with a link to a Chase checking account for overdraft protectionTypically available with links to checking accounts or overdraft lines of credit
Special FeaturesAccounts may have features like automatic savings programs, though specifics were not detailedAutomatic savings program, occasional sign-up bonuses, and overdraft protectionOften higher interest rates, no monthly fees, and user-friendly online interfaces

Pros and Cons Analysis of Zions Bank


  • The bank delivers the accounts with an insured perspective. This ensures for the customers that their deposits are protected up to certain limits that ultimately provide peace of mind and security.
  • The bank also offers cutting-edge business banking solutions. These solutions include treasury management and merchant account services.


  • It mainly projects Minimum Balance Requirements. Certain accounts may have minimum balance requirements to avoid fees or earn interest.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Zions Bank would vary and are subjective. Typically, customers would comment on aspects like the quality of customer service, ease of online banking, fees and rates, and overall satisfaction with the bank’s services.

Final Personal Review

  • Services – Zions Bank offers comprehensive services, with a focus on both personal and business banking. Their investment and wealth management services are notable.
  • Customer-Centric Approach – The bank seems to emphasize customer convenience through its online platform and mobile app, catering to modern banking needs. Their variety of banking products also suggests a focus on meeting diverse customer requirements.

ConclusionZions Bank Review

Zions Bank is a regional bank with a strong online presence, offering a variety of banking products and services. While its savings and money market interest rates might not be as competitive as online banks, its checking accounts, especially the Premium Interest Checking, offer valuable features. The bank’s business banking services are also comprehensive, catering to a range of business needs.


What types of accounts does Zions Bank offer?

Zions Bank offers various types of accounts including checking, savings, money market accounts, as well as business and investment accounts.

Is Zions Bank FDIC insured?

Yes, Zions Bank is FDIC insured, protecting deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, per insured institution.

Can I access Zions Bank services online?

Yes, Zions Bank provides comprehensive online banking services and a mobile banking app for convenient access.

Does Zions Bank offer investment services?

Through partnerships, Zions Bank offers a range of investment options, trust administration, and wealth management services.

Are there any fees associated with Zions Bank accounts?

Some accounts may have fees, such as monthly maintenance fees, which can be avoided by meeting certain criteria like minimum balance requirements. It’s important to review the specific terms of each account for fee information.