Access Auto InsuranceAccess is an insurance company specializing in property and casualty auto insurance having started business in 1994. The company works through independent insurance producers to serve 22 states. Their headquarters are located in Atlanta and they were ranked 19th in the GeorgiaTrend Fast 40 list in 2012. The President of the company Michael McMenamin was named Entrepreneur of 2010 by Ernst & Young.

One of the most interesting qualities of Access Auto Insurance is that the company has a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, which makes it easier than ever to complete certain tasks. No longer will you have to log in to the website to accomplish every single task.

Access Auto Insurance Company Reviews

Consensus: Access Insurance is worth a look if you’re looking to insure an auto – but it might not be worth it if the car isn’t newer (there are discounts, like anti-lock brakes, which makes newer cars worth it).

Access Auto Insurance BBB Reviews

Access Insurance BBB OverviewAccess Auto Insurance is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. Becoming accredited is an optional process. Access Auto Insurance has been an accredited business with the BBB since November of 2009. The rating that BBB has listed for Access Auto Insurance is currently an A+. The website does not currently list any complaints from consumers who have had an experience with the company.

Access Insurance Complaints

Any insurance provider is capable of having both positives and negatives depending on who is doing the rating. It is important to read both the positive and the negatives when looking at consumer reviews, since there are going to be good experiences for every bad experience. One of the best websites for a complete review of what Access Auto Insurance has to offer is Value Penguin, found at

Customer Service: Ways to Connect With a Customer Service Representative

Customer Service: Ways to Connect With a Customer Service Representative

Value Penguin offers a lot of information, including:

  • Pro: There is decent functionality to the website, including the ability to print your ID cards directly from the website.
  • Con: When you need to reach a claims representative by phone, it can sometimes be difficult for you to do so. It may take a couple of calls or some lengthy call waiting times before you get a hold of the person that you need.
  • Con: When it comes to customer service, many of the reviews that you are going to read are negative. Many customers have had difficulty having their needs met by Access Auto Insurance consumer representatives. This does not mean that your experience is automatically going to be negative, but it is worth considering all the same.

It is important to note that according to Value Penguin, the ratings for Access Auto Insurance on the BBB website are abysmal. While there are some outlets for Access Auto Insurance that have poorer ratings, the primary page for Access Auto Insurance lists a better rating than this. This is an example of why you need to take all reviews, both good and bad, with a grain of salt.

Access Insurance Financial Health & Analysis

Access Auto Insurance was founded in 1994, and offers both casualty automotive insurance and specialty property insurance to consumers using independent insurance producers throughout the nation. In 18 years of operation, the company has grown to operate in a total of 22 states. According to the AM Best Financial Rating, Access Auto Insurance has a B+ rating. According to the Complaint Index in California, Access Auto Insurance has a rating of 2.01, which is worse than the average in the nation. The company’s annual revenue as of 2009 was $278 million dollars. The financial health of the company will help you determine whether or not this is a successful insurance company. If Access Auto Insurance was not meeting the needs of its clients, it would not be as successful as it is today.

Access Auto Insurance In-Depth

Access Auto Insurance is an auto insurance company, specializing in the basic forms of car insurance including liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and medical payments coverage. One of the primary benefits of going with Access Auto Insurance is the fact that you can benefit from low rates without sacrificing the level of coverage that you need. Whether you are looking for the bare minimum insurance that is required by your state, or you are looking for the greatest amount of auto coverage available to meet your needs, Access Auto Insurance can provide the assistance that you are looking for. Coverage for autos comes in many different styles from Access Auto Insurance, depending on what your needs are. Make sure that you speak to a representative to find out what type of insurance is best going to meet your needs, and what it is going to take to get you a policy today.

Various Discounts at Access Insurance

Various Discounts at Access Insurance

  • Although there are some problems with their service, Access Auto Insurance is known for providing solid discounts for multi-car, persistency, airbag usage, anti-lock brakes and similar. The list of discounts available to members of Access Auto Insurance include but are not limited to the following:
    • Airbag discount of 8%,
    • Anti-theft device discount of 15%,
    • Anti-lock brakes discount of 15%,
    • Good student discount of 2.5%,
    • Mature drivers course discount of 5%,
    • Multi-car discount of 10%,
    • Persistency credit of 12%

These are just some of the discounts that are available to members who sign up with Access Auto Insurance. If you are looking to continuously save money on your auto insurance policies, then Access Auto Insurance is a good company to consider going with.

  • Low down payment plans are common among the auto insurance products that Access Auto Insurance offers.  Insured customers with Access Auto Insurance are provided with low down payment premiums, making insurance affordable. If you want to make sure you have affordable coverage for your car or cars year round, consider Access Auto Insurance’s low cost policies.
  • Access Auto Insurance has a flexible policy reinstatement policy, which allows for customers to bounce back after they miss a payment. This allows them to recover their insurance benefits without having to incur any serious financial penalties in the process. It is important to make sure that you can bounce back in the event that you miss a premium payment, so you don’t end up losing your insurance or incurring difficult financial penalties as a result of your mistake.
  • Access Auto Insurance does not require any credit checks, which means that its clients can acquire the insurance coverage that they need without having to have the best credit or financial history. Nobody should be denied the ability to have auto insurance, and Access Auto Insurance makes it simple to get the auto insurance coverage that you need. Don’t let your financial mistakes of the past hinder your ability to find solid insurance coverage online.
  • Another benefit of Access Auto Insurance is that they allow you to get auto insurance even when you have a non-U.S driver’s license. International and foreign drivers will be able to get the financial security that they seek by being able to register their vehicle in the United States. This is a rare thing to find, so if you’re a foreign driver make sure that you consider Access Auto Insurance.

Access Insurance Rates

Some basic rates are available when you do a basic search online, but these will not likely match you exactly because there are so many things that go into your auto insurance rate. This is a good jumping off point, however, as it will give you some basic information about what your rate will likely sit around. Based on a 2012 Toyota Camry, according to information from Value Penguin, and 15/30/5 liability insurance limits, you can expect to pay the following:

    • A single, 19 year old male will pay $1,954 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A single, 31 year old male will pay $758 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A single, 43 year old male will pay $688 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A single, 19 year old male will pay $1,648 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A single, 31 year old female will pay $758 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A single, 43 year old female will pay $688 with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A married couple in their 20s will pay around $1006 for with Access Auto Insurance.
    • A married couple in their 60s will pay around $964 with Access Auto Insurance.

Some of these rates are lower than you will find with other companies. For example, for a single 43 year old male or female, you would pay $688 with Access Auto Insurance, versus $985 with Esurance, or $863 with Allstate.

Make sure that you understand the elements that would change this insurance quote for you. For example, if you drive a safer or a less safe vehicle, this is going to change your premiums. If your age is not exactly 19, 31, 43 or 60, then you should expect to pay a different rate. Your driving record also comes into play. The best thing that you can do to save some money is to take advantage of the extensive discounts that Access Auto Insurance offers. These discounts can help you to lower your rates so that you can benefit from your desired coverage without struggling with the cost.