In the landscape of finance and investment Admirals Bank (ETHIC) is known to have the most concise position, it is available to meet the unique and modern needs of the investors who want to boost their interest rate in a trustworthy institute.

Admirals Bank is credible enough to support different services, including CD rates, Money market accounts, and checking & saving accounts.

To provide a thorough review guide for Admirals Bank, here is the comprehensive analysis stated next; let’s find out the details further!

Bank Overview

Admirals Bank has started to be known and called ETHIC. It has changed and evolved over the past years and tends to establish itself as the most significant player in the financial sector. It was founded in 1967. Through the past years, it has built a strong history that focuses on facilitating the diversified financial needs of the customers.

The facilities include home improvement lending, especially for the renewable energy sector.

Furthermore, its specialization falls for commercial lending and various other banking solutions. The overall aspects of residential mortgages have made it a most reliable financial institution.

Admirals Bank Review Locations

  1. Boston, MA (Main Office) – Admirals Bank has its main office located at 579 Boylston Street in Boston, MA.
  2. Providence, RI – Another important location for the bank is its bespoke banking center at 15 Park Row West in Providence, Rhode Island.
  3. Additional Locations in Boston: Admirals Bank also operates from two more convenient locations in Boston – one at 125 High St 17th floor and another at the John Hancock Tower, 200 Clarendon St.

Every office location and bank branch has only one primary role which is to provide a wide range of banking services to the customers. It puts a special focus on convenience and personalized customer service.

Moreover, the Admirals Bank’s choice of locations is also bound with the commitment that it will stay accessible to its customers and provide required banking solutions to meet their varied needs.

As the bank is continuously expanding and evolving, it has rebranded itself with the ETHIC, and it is looking forward to opening more branches for an even broader audience.

Checking Accounts at Admirals Bank (ETHIC)

Admirals Bank shows a wide offering in terms of its checking accounts. Each account is bound with special offers that cover the customer’s needs.

The most authentic and credible checking accounts by the banks are;

Account TypeFeaturesInterest Rate (APY)Minimum Opening Deposit
eCentive Checking AccountPremium interest rates for qualifying balances up to $100,000Up to 2.02%$100
Payroll Plus Checking AccountHigh-interest account with up to 4.04% APY for qualifying balancesUp to 4.04%$100

Savings Accounts at Admirals Bank (ETHIC)

In addition to the checking account, the savings accounts by Admirals Bank are also very credible. These accounts provide several options to accommodate different saving goals and needs of the users.

Here are the required details for each saving option;

Account TypeFeaturesInterest Rate (APY)Minimum Opening Deposit
Jumbo Savings AccountIdeal for large balances, offers up to 3.02% APY for a minimum balance of $230,000Up to 3.02%$230,000
Heritage Direct Savings AccountExclusive to Digital Banking customers, requires a $1,000 minimum opening depositVaries$1,000
Universal Savings AccountBasic savings account with a $50 minimum opening deposit, offers 0.05% APY0.05%$50
Health Savings Account (HSA)Tailored for high deductible health plans, offers up to 3.02% APY for balances over $5,000Up to 3.02%$5,000

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

CDs are the specified time deposits that involve & offer higher interest rates as compared to regular savings accounts. The rates varied a lot based on the term length and its deposit amount.

CD OptionTerm LengthsInterest Rates (Approx.)Minimum Balance Requirement
Triple Option CD6 months5.5%Varies
12 months6.0%$1,000
24 months6.5%$1,000
36 months7.0%$1,000
48 months7.5%$1,000
60 months8.0%$1,000

On the other hand, when it comes to the Money Market Accounts (MMAs), the bank mainly offers relatively higher interest rates. The rate is realistically higher than that of the standard savings accounts.

In some cases, it includes check-writing and debit card privileges.

These accounts are a perfect choice for all those customers who require a higher yield on their savings. You can even maintain an extreme level of accessibility to their funds.

These accounts at Admirals Bank are bound with competitive interest rates and ask for a minimum balance so that one can maintain the account.

Moreover, the exact details of these accounts should be counterchecked by the official bank at the time of deciding because the interest rates and minimum balance requirements would change anytime as per the conditions and policies.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products 

The mortgage loan offerings for the ETHIC bank are likely to include;

  • Standard home mortgages
  • Refinancing options
  • Possibly specialized mortgage products

All these options are highly flexible to meet the needs of first-time homebuyers or all those who are looking forward to investment properties.

In addition to mortgage loans, other loan products of Admiral Bank are also very credible. It covers;

  • Home equity loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans

These loans are designed to ensure flexible financing solutions that can be used for varied terms, whether for home improvements, debt consolidation, or other personal needs.

The bank primarily focuses on customer-centric loan products. It is evident through the fact that it offers competitive rates and terms for the unique financial circumstances of each borrower.

Additional Products and Services

Apart from traditional banking products, Admirals Bank (ETHIC) is likely to offer highly unique and innovative featural support that can not be noticed at any other bank. This support is available in the form of additional services.

The noteworthy and convenient additional services for the products of the ETHIC bank are as follows;

Online and Mobile BankingConvenient access to accounts, fund transfer capabilities, and bill payment services through digital platforms.
Wealth ManagementTailored services to assist customers in managing their assets and planning for future financial goals.
Financial Planning ServicesComprehensive financial planning services to help customers achieve their broader financial objectives.
Safe Deposit BoxesSecure storage for valuable items and documents, providing an additional layer of protection for customers’ assets.
Notary ServicesOfficial notarization of documents, offering authentication and verification services for legal and financial documents.
Foreign Currency ExchangeServices to exchange currencies, catering to customers’ international financial needs and travel requirements.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

Feature/ServiceAdmirals Bank (ETHIC)Chase Bank
Checking Account OptionseCentive Checking, Payroll Plus CheckingVariety of checking accounts including Chase Total Checking®
Savings Account RatesCompetitive rates with options like Jumbo SavingsOffers savings accounts with varying rates; details to be confirmed directly
Certificate of Deposits (CDs)Triple Option CD with competitive ratesOffers CDs; specific rates and terms to be confirmed directly
Mortgage Loan OptionsRange of mortgage products including standard and specialized optionsHome purchase and refinancing options available
Number of Physical BranchesLimited, primarily in Boston areaExtensive branch network nationwide

Pros and Cons Analysis of Admirals Bank (ETHIC)


  1. Diverse Financial Products are available at Admirals Bank. The offers mainly include a variety of products, i.e. high-yield checking and savings accounts, CD categories, and mortgage loans. These are available to deal with diverse customer needs.
  2. The CD rates horizon on the bank is quite competitive. It is noteworthy for the people who especially want shorter-term investments. It is also considerable in terms of benefits for all those who are looking for fixed-rate returns.
  3. Admirals Bank provides specialized mortgage services, which can be advantageous for first-time homebuyers or those seeking investment properties.


  1. With only a few branches, primarily in Boston, customers outside these areas might find it less convenient for in-person banking services.
  2. While offering a range of products, the bank’s focus seems particularly strong on certain niches, like renewable energy sector lending, which might not cater to all customers.

Customer Reviews

Specific customer reviews for Admirals Bank fall for its new branding, ETHIC along with the service’s credibility and the extremely favorable customer service support. However, it is also highly significant to note some of the downsides mentioned by the customers in perspective of its customer service and product satisfaction. Because all these reviews collectively play an important role in terms of precise bank reputation.

Final Personal Review

Admirals Bank (ETHIC) appears to have a well-defined customer-centric approach. It provides a range of financial products.

Their services, such as online and mobile banking, along with their diverse product offerings, indicate a commitment to meeting the varying needs of their customers. However, the limited number of physical branches is the major drawback for some customers.

To enjoy the best services, the overall recommendation is to study and go through all the product and its ranges in a fine way.  


On the summation level, the ETHIC Bank delivers a wide range of banking products. These products are notably suitable for different financial needs and goals of the investors.

From high-interest checking accounts to flexible savings options, ETHIC Bank is known to be a top-ranked financial institution in the banking sector. Customers are encouraged to contact the bank directly for the latest rates and details.


What types of checking accounts does Admirals Bank offer?

Admirals Bank offers eCentive Checking and Payroll Plus Checking accounts, each with unique benefits like premium interest rates for qualifying balances.

Are there any high-yield savings accounts available?

Yes, the bank provides high-yield options like the Jumbo Savings Account, particularly beneficial for large balance accounts.

What kind of mortgage services does Admirals Bank provide?

Admirals Bank offers a range of mortgage services including standard home mortgages, refinancing options, and possibly specialized products for various customer needs.

Can I open a CD account with Admirals Bank, and what are the rates?

Yes, Admirals Bank offers CDs, such as the Triple Option CD, with varying rates depending on the term and deposit amount. Rates are competitive and cater to both short-term and long-term savers.