Deal Summary 

60-month CD, 0.70% APY, minimum deposit $500, dividends paid at maturity

Rosedale Federal’s Top CD Rates 

Rosedale Federal’s top CD rate is 0.70% APY. This rate is offered on the credit union’s 60-month CD with a minimum deposit of $500. The dividends earned on this CD are paid at maturity.

The 48-month CD is also available and a good alternative to the 60-month CD. The account offers an 0.65% APY with a $500 minimum deposit. This account also pays you when your account reaches maturity. There is a penalty for any withdrawals prior to this.

People looking for a short-term offer may be more interested in the 6-month CD. This CD offers an annual percentage yield of 0.31%. This CD is also obtainable with a $500 minimum deposit. Like with the other CDs, there is a penalty taken for any counts that are withdrawn before they’ve reached maturity.

Rosedale Federal offers 10 CDs. Each of these CDs can be opened with a $500 minimum deposit. There are also four CDs available with “bump-ups.” With these CDs, you will need a $10,000 minimum deposit. Once you’ve chosen your term of bump ups, you  get the rate that’s available on the day that you open your CD. If Rosedale’s interest rates rise during while your CD is active, you have the option to “bump up” and get that higher rate.


You must already be a member of Rosedale Federal to open a CD. This means that you will need to open a checking or savings account. Rosedale only provides services to those in the Maryland area where their branches are located.

Branches in Maryland

Abingdon, Baltimore, Bel Air, Dundalk, Forest Hill, Nottingham, and Towson.

Bank Overview

Rosedale Federal has been in the Baltimore community for over 100 years and counting. Over the years, Rosedale has evolved to meet the needs of their community. To this day, they are still committed to providing affordable home loans and CDs, among other things, to their loyal clients. 

As mentioned before, Rosedale Federal is highly involved in their community and are a part of their local charities, non-profit organizations and more. Rosedale Federal’s own employees volunteer their time to help out as much as they can. 

Rosedale Federal also offers a financial literacy class to help educate members of the community stay on track of managing their money. From saving up for college to paying of mortgages, Rosedale Federal is there to help.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rosedale Federal or opening up an account with them, feel free to contact a representative either online, over the phone, or in person.