Deal Summary:

BellCo offers several certificates of deposit options with a 5 year deposit including an APY of .65 with a minimum deposit of $500.

BellCo CD options:

BellCo also offers popular options including a 3 year certificate of deposit at .55% APY with a minimum deposit of $500 as well. Interest is paid at the end of the term.

We also offer very short term certificates of deposit with three months at .15% APY with the same deposit.

BellCo also offers Smart Move certificates of deposit, which allow some flexibility. Customers are offered a one time change in interest rates if our interest rates go up, as well as the ability to deposit more or withdraw some money one time if needed. Deposit minimums are at $2500 for a Smart Move CD. Rates range from .35% to .40% APY.

Finally, we offer shorter term Youth CDs with minimum deposits of $50 and a 1 year term. These are available to people 24 years or younger and have a .35% APY.


BellCo’s process is easy. Sign up for BellCo as a member and open a checking or savings account, then you can open a certificate of deposit. You can start online, in person, or over the phone.


We have 26 branches throughout Colorado including 4 in Denver. We are well spread out throughout the cities in Colorado to ensure customers always have a branch they can visit.

Bank Overview

BellCo earned the honor of being a 2021 Top Credit Union for Go Banking Rates. These honors are given based on many data points, including the services we offer and the overall satisfaction of our members.

During the recent opening of our Green Valley branch, we made a $5000 donation to the Children’s Farms of America. These farms are centered around outdoor education and produce growth that is distributed to low income families who might not otherwise have ready access to to fresh produce.

One of the major goals of BellCo is to assist our community both through donations and through education. We try to take the confusion out of financial literacy and investing. We have been on Denver 7 News with our managers discussing many tips on how to save money, both in savings accounts, and to spend less. Our branch managers and bankers are dedicated to educating individuals on their options when it comes to investing and saving their hard earned money. We consider it an honor to help both individuals and small businesses thrive with easy to use products that allow for personal and financial growth for the future of their business and eventual retirement. We offer many types of certificates of deposit for this reason, that we want many people to be able to invest their money and earn something for their contributions.

We also recently opened a new division for home loans while partnering with Cherry Creek mortgage to help offer our fellow Coloradians with home loans.