Deal Summary

$1000 opening deposit, 3-month to 7-year terms available, APY increases per term with the highest rate being 0.25% for 7-year terms and the lowest being 0.01% for 3-month terms.

Wisconsin Bank’s Top CD Rates

The shortest term of 3-months has an APY interest rate of 0.01%. 6-month terms have a 0.05% APY.

12-month and 18-month terms have an APY of 0.10%.

24-month terms have an interest rate of 0.15%.

36-month terms have an interest rate of 0.20%.

48, 60, and 84-month terms have an APY of 0.25%.

There are applicable penalties for withdrawal before the term has reached maturity. The interest accrued is credited at the maturity of the CD account for terms under 12-months. For terms over 12-months the interest is credited semi-annually.

There is a fixed interest rate and you can easily roll over your CD at the end of the term to continue saving.

For a limited time Wisconsin Bank and Trust is offering three special CD terms with great rates. There are special limited time 9-month or 22-month terms offered with an APY that is over market rate for those who want to grow their savings faster. To take advantage of this special limited time CD offer you must be ready to make a minimum deposit of $10,000.


You must be a member of Wisconsin Bank and Trust in order to purchase a CD through their institution. They offer comprehensive financial services with a minimum account balance necessary of $100 for their basic savings account. 

Branches in Wisconsin

Madison, Fitchburg, Cottage Grove, Monroe, Platteville, Lancaster, Glendale, Plymouth, Sheboygan, De Pere

Bank Overview

Wisconsin Bank and Trust was listed as one of Forbes magazine’s best banks in America of 2020. They also made the list in 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2013 meaning they have a long track record of offering award winning bank services to their community. This bank manages $15 billion in assets. Wisconsin Bank and Trust is owned by a parent company called Heartland Financial USA. Inc..

They are committed to giving back to their community with both financial contributions and manual labor done by bankers. Some of the ways that they give back are through serving food, building homes, volunteering time to local boards, and donating money to organizations.

Their banking services are comprehensive and include everything from mortgage lending to savings accounts.

One of the ways that Wisconsin Bank and Trust gives back to the community is through their pink ribbon debit card program which joins their members in the fight against breast cancer. It is free to get a pink ribbon debit card when you open a new account and the bank will make a donation to an organization that fights against breast cancer with each purchase made with the card.

As one of America’s best banks they focus on excellent customer service and provide specialized banking that match the member’s needs. The financial products and services that are provided from Wisconsin Bank and Trust are completely comprehensive for individuals, small businesses, and corporations alike.

They have expert agribusiness bankers, commercial bankers, personal bankers, private client bankers, and small business bankers. Included in their comprehensive list of services are also wealth advisors, retirement plan specialists, treasury management, and more.