Bethpage Federal Credit Union stands out in the financial landscape with its competitive certificate of deposit (CD) offerings.

With a focus on providing attractive rates and accessible terms, Bethpage has garnered attention for its diverse range of CDs tailored to meet various investor needs.

Bethpage CD Rate Offers

Some considerable CD rates offers by Bethpage are;

36-month Certificate

Key Features

  • Term: 36 months
  • APY (Annual Percentage Yield): 3.00%
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Membership Availability: Easy membership requirement in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Key Considerations

  • No stated balance cap. Also available as an IRA Certificate (Traditional and Roth) with the same APY.

Pros & Cons

Competitive 2.00% APYFixed term of 36 months may limit liquidity

11-month No-Penalty Certificate

  • Term: 11 months
  • APY: 5.00%
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Membership Availability: Easy membership requirement

Key Consideration

  • No partial withdrawals are allowed. No-penalty option. Offered as an IRA (Traditional, Roth) with the same APY and funding requirements.

Pros & Cons

Low minimum deposit ($50)No partial withdrawals allowed
No penalty for early withdrawals

24-month Certificate

  • Term: 25 months
  • APY: 3.00%
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Membership Availability: Easy membership requirement
  • Additional Information:

No stated balance cap. Also available as an IRA (Traditional and Roth) with the same APY and funding requirements.

Key Considerations

  • The 11-month No-Penalty Certificate provides flexibility with no penalty for early withdrawals.

Pros & Cons

Low minimum deposit ($50)Fixed term of 24 months may limit liquidity
Available as an IRA with the same APY

Are Bethpage CD Rates Competitive?

Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s CD rates, particularly the 36-month Certificate with a 3.00% APY, appear to be competitive in the current market. A 3.00% APY is notably higher than average CD rates offered by many financial institutions.

The low minimum deposit requirement of $50 enhances accessibility for a broad range of investors. Additionally, the absence of a stated balance cap further positions Bethpage’s 36-month Certificate as an attractive option for individuals seeking a competitive return on their savings.

The availability of IRA options with the same APY adds a layer of flexibility for those looking to capitalize on tax-advantaged savings.

How do Bethpage CD Rates Compare?

When comparing Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s CD rates to industry standards, it’s evident that they are offering competitive rates, especially in the context of the 36-month Certificate. However, individual preferences and financial goals play a crucial role in determining the suitability of these rates.

While the 36-month Certificate stands out with a competitive 3.00% APY, potential investors should also consider factors such as the term length and liquidity needs.

Additionally, the 11-month No-Penalty Certificate and 24-month Certificate offer alternatives with different terms and rates, catering to individuals with varying financial objectives. A comprehensive evaluation of these factors will aid investors in determining the best fit for their savings strategy.

Overview of Bethpage

Bethpage’s mission is to earn the trust of their clients by committing to giving the best customer service they can provide. They promise to be far superior to banks because they prioritize their members over their shareholders, unlike most big banks. They make sure that your needs come first.

Bethpage also guarantees that they offer many of the same services banks do, but at a more cost-effective rate, and who doesn’t want to save a little bit of money? Aside from CD’s Bethpage offers services that include but are not limited to: checking accounts, savings accounts, auto loans, mortgages, and personal loans among other things. 

Bethpage offers 24/7 customer service as well as online banking, so you can always stay on top of your finances. They also offer hundreds of nationwide ATMs as well as thousands of shared service centers.

If you’re eager to become a member of Bethpage, you can easily sign up online. To open a savings account, you must deposit a minimum of $5. You’ll find that once you’ve joined a credit union, you’ll never want to go back to banking any other way.


In order to open a CD with Bethpage, make sure you have your social security number handy, your address, and ID. You do not have to be a member of Bethpage in order to open a CD.

Locations of Bethpage 

Branches in New York

Bethpage Bank has 31 Branches located in New York that are:

Albertson, Baldwin, Bay Shore, Centereach, Central Islip, Commack, East Northport, Elmont, Farmingdale, Freeport, Glen Cove, Hempstead, Huntington, Levittown, Long Beach, Lynbrook, Massapequa, Melville, Mineola, New Hyde Park, New York City, North Babylon, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Riverhead, Roosevelt, Seaford, Smithtown, Valley Stream, West Babylon, Westbury. 


What is the minimum deposit required for Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s 36-month Certificate?

The minimum deposit for the 36-month Certificate offered by Bethpage Federal Credit Union is $50. This low minimum requirement makes the certificate accessible to a wide range of investors.

Is the 11-month No-Penalty Certificate available for IRA accounts?

Yes, the 11-month No-Penalty Certificate is available as an IRA for both Traditional and Roth accounts. Investors can enjoy the flexibility of a no-penalty option within the IRA framework.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawals for the 11-month No-Penalty Certificate?

While the 11-month No-Penalty Certificate provides flexibility, it does come with a restriction on partial withdrawals. No partial withdrawals are allowed during the term, ensuring the stability of the investment.

What regions are eligible for membership to open Bethpage CDs?

Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s membership is available to individuals in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Residents of these regions can take advantage of the credit union’s CD offerings.

Are there any stated balance caps for Bethpage’s CDs?

For the 36-month Certificate and the 24-month Certificate, there are no stated balance caps. This means that investors can deposit amounts exceeding a specified limit, offering flexibility for those looking to invest large sums.