Boiling Springs Savings Bank is the most highly authentic name in terms of investment objectivity as it delivers the best CD term along with convenience and flexibility. The convenience attracts consumers and business owners to a great extent without any restriction or limitation of interfacial access.

To depict the attractions for Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD rates, here is the concise guide stated below;

Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD

The best and most commonly chosen CD terms for Boiling Springs Savings Bank are as follows;


Key Features

  • Interest Rate: 4.64%
  • APY: 4.75%
  • Min Deposit: $1,000

Key Considerations

  • A CD is a time deposit account with a fixed term, in this case, 9 months.
  • The interest rate is the rate at which interest is calculated on the principal amount.
High APY of 4.75%Shorter term may limit investment goals
Fixed interest rate
Low minimum deposit ($1,000)


Key Features

  • Interest Rate: 4.40%
  • APY: 4.50%
  • Min Deposit: $1,000

Key Considerations

  • This is a special CD offer that may have additional benefits when combined with Blue Axis Checking and Direct Deposit.

Pros & Cons

Special offer with potential benefitsLimited flexibility
Competitive APY of 4.50%


Key Features

  • Interest Rate: 3.44%
  • APY: 3.50%
  • Min Deposit: $1,000

Key Considerations

  • Similar to the 12-month CD, this is a special offer with potential additional benefits when paired with Blue Axis Checking┬« and Direct Deposit.

Pros & Cons

Special offer with potential benefitsLonger term commitment


Key Features

  • Interest Rate: 2.96%
  • APY: 3.00%
  • Min Deposit: $1,000

Key Considerations

  • The minimum deposit needed to open this CD is $1,000.

Pros & Cons

Special offer with potential benefitsLongest term CD option
Competitive APY
Fixed interest rate

Are Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD rates appear to be competitive based on the provided APY percentages for various CD terms.

The rates offered, such as 4.75% APY for a 9-month CD and 4.50% APY for a 12-month CD, are relatively high compared to industry standards.

However, competitiveness can vary, and potential investors should compare these rates with those offered by other financial institutions to ensure they are getting the best possible return on their investment.

How do Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD Rates Compare?

Compared to other financial institutions, Boiling Springs Savings Bank CD rates seem competitive, particularly for shorter-term CDs. The 4.75% APY for a 9-month CD and 4.50% APY for a 12-month CD are rates that may attract investors seeking a relatively short commitment with competitive returns.

However, for longer-term CDs, such as the 24-month and 36-month options with lower APYs, investors may want to explore whether other institutions offer more favorable rates for extended commitments.

Overview Boiling Springs Savings Bank 

Formerly known as Boiling Springs Savings Bank, the bank has now renamed itself to be called Blue Foundry Bank in an attempt to modernize the brand and better serve its customers. The bank was established in the 1870s and has continued to thrive ever since. It has undergone many changes over the years but continues to be the best that it can be.

Blue Foundry Bank is committed to helping its community with its finances and to do so hires only the best employees to work across its 21 branches. provide comprehensive financial products and services to people who live in Northern New Jersey and pay close attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Blue Foundry Bank believes they are the type of bank that understands the needs of their clients and will do everything in their power to help their clients achieve all of their financial goals and more.


In order to open up a CD account with Boiling Springs, you have to have an already existing checking or savings account. In order to do this, be sure to call the bank with all of the proper documentation at the ready.

Locations Boiling Springs Savings Bank 

Branches in New Jersey

Clifton, Rutherford, Lyndhurst, Upper Montclair, Glen Ridge, Rochelle Park, Glen Rock, Ridgewood, Lincoln Park, Wyckoff, Hilldale, Towaco, Lake Hiawatha, Florham Park, Parsippany, and Mahwah.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certificate of Deposit?

A CD is a time deposit with a fixed term and interest rate, where money is deposited for a specified period, typically ranging from a few months to several years.

What is APY, and how is it different from the interest rate?

APY represents the total interest earned on a CD, including compounding. It’s different from the interest rate, which is the base rate before compounding.

Are there penalties for early withdrawal from a Boiling Savings Bank CD?

Yes, Like most CDs the Boiling Savings Bank CDs also impose penalties for withdrawing funds before the maturity date. Penalties can include a loss of earned interest or, in some cases, a percentage of the principal.

What is the minimum deposit required for these CDs?

The minimum deposit for the boiling Saving Bank CDs is $1,000. This is the amount required to open and maintain the CD account.

Can I access my money before the CD matures?

While it’s possible to withdraw funds from a CD before maturity, doing so usually incurs penalties. CDs are designed for a fixed term, and early withdrawals may result in a loss of interest earnings.