Deal Summary

Community First’s highest paying certificate of deposit comes with its 5-year option at 1.29% APY. This certificate of deposit has a $1000 minimum deposit with dividends paid upon maturity.

Community First Top CD Rates

The next best option from Community First is their 1.19% APY certificate of deposit for a 3 year term with a $1000 minimum deposit. This certificate of deposit also pays dividends upon maturity.

After that, a 2-year CD pays 1.00% APY for $1000 minimum. Community First also offers shorter term certificates of deposit with a higher minimum, with the longest term option at 6 months and .60% while requiring a minimum of $2500 deposit.

All Certificates of deposit have a minimum deposit but no specified maximum. Certificates of Deposit are a great way to start low risk investing while keeping your money in the bank. Like many other banks, Community First bank does allow early withdrawal of your certificate of deposit with a penalty.


Customers must first have a checking or savings account with Community First bank. We would be happy to set you up with one. The process is easy. Call us or stop in to a branch to get setup.


Community First has many locations in Wisconsin, including 7 in Appleton, some in Green Bay, and Neenah. We primarily serve east central Wisconsin and are proud to have many convenience locations.

Bank Overview

Community First is a community bank that believes in not only helping the local community, but leading the efforts to help in any way we can. In 2020, over half of our employees donated 9,622 hours to the 326 local organizations that we help serve. We believe in helping the community through financial literacy, sponsoring local events, and helping our team members get involved with the community.

One of Community First’s favorite achievements was partnering with Habitat for Humanity for the Rock the Block Event.  This community event helped clean up local parks and some residential businesses with the help of over a hundred local volunteers.

We also enjoyed helping Jake’s Diapers, a non-profit out of Little Chute, Wisconsin, which helps provide diapers and clothes for children in need locally and across the world. The goal is to keep clean diapers and supplies in the hands of parents and children who need them so they aren’t forced to decide between shelter, food, toiletries and other needs.

Finally, Community First helps with long term investments and insurance. We provide individualized guidance to investors to ensure their lifetime goals are met, whether they are saving up for retirement, their kid’s education, or a home. We provide the expert advice needed to navigate the market and help you get the most for your money. Community First considers your financial future our privilege to help with.