Deal Summary:

First Bank’s best and highest CD offer comes in at .40% APY for 84 months. The minimum opening deposit is $1000. Interest is paid out at the time of maturity.

First Bank CD Options:

First Bank offers  variety of options for certificates of deposits including a 60 month for .40% APY with .40% offered for results up to 24 months, all of which hae a $1000 opening deposit requirement.

We also offer shorter term CDs with 3 and 6 months at .1% APY or .2% APY. These are great for growing your cash short term and can be repeated, though higher interest rate account will build your wealth faster.

We believe that certificates of deposit are a great option for short and long term investments. You have virtually no risk and if you don’t need your money in cash immediately, they offer a great way to build some interest without having to monitor your investment. While our minimum is $1000, you can invest as much as you would like and reap the benefits.


Want a certificate of deposit? First become a member at First Bank and open a checking or savings account. The payout for your interest will then be deposited into your checking or savings account too.


We offer 22 branches across Texas. Most of our results are near Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Our many local branches can help you get help no matter which part of the area you are visiting or working in. We also have many ATMS including many free ATMS in the area so you won’t spend your hard earned money taking out your own cash.

Bank Overview

At First Bank, community service isn’t just a word, it’s a philosophy. We believe in both providing funds when people need affordable housing or food, as well as getting our own hands dirty. We encourage employees to volunteer with paid hours to help on local housing projects, volunteering on the boards for local organizations, especially non profits, and donating our services.We also take donation and grant requests via our website so we can be aware of situations and people that could use a donation, because sometimes we do not know.

First Bank is a part of Heartland Financial USA, which received  the Forbes Best Bank Awards in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and more! We are proud to be apart of an organization that has helped millions of people in American with their financial needs while also keeping them happy with top notch service and products.

Our goal at First Bank is to help walk you through your financial decisions and future. Your kid’s education and your retirement is dependent upon taking the right risks, and we are happy to help you determine the right kinds of investments to match your lifestyle and needs.