Certificates of deposit are generally great no-risk investments for customers with extra cash in a savings account who want to grow their deposits with interest without risking anything in the stock market. P1FCU does penalize early withdrawal but offers options for shorter-term deposits so customers can choose their terms.

Want a certificate of deposit with P1FCU? Become a member first and we will open a checking or savings account, teach you all the benefits of being a member, and open your certificate of deposit so you can invest in your future.

P1FCU CD Rates Offers

The precise details of the CD rates offered in the detailed horizon are depicted below;

3-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • Term Duration: 3 Months
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • APY: 1.25%

Considerations: Ideal for short-term savings with a guaranteed return. Suitable for those who need access to funds in the near future.

Pros & Cons

Quick Access to FundsLower APY compared to longer terms
Low RiskLimited growth potential

6-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • Term Duration: 6 Months
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • APY: 5.00%

Considerations: Offers a higher interest rate than the 3-month CD. Suitable for individuals looking for a slightly longer commitment with a favorable interest rate.

Pros & Cons

Higher APYLess liquidity than 3-month CD

24-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • Term Duration: 24 Months
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • APY: 4.25%

Considerations: Medium-term investment with a competitive interest rate. Provides a balance between short-term liquidity and long-term growth.

Pros & Cons

Moderate RiskLimited liquidity during the term

48-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • Term Duration: 48 Months
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • APY: 3.35%

Considerations: Long-term commitment with a moderate interest rate. Suitable for those looking for a stable, extended investment period with a reliable return.

Pros & Cons

Potential of GrowthFund access is limited

Are P1FCU CD Rates Competitive?

Pacific Northwest-based P1FCU, also known as Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union, offers a range of Certificate of Deposit (CD) terms with varying Annual Percentage Yields (APYs).

  • The competitiveness of P1FCU’s CD rates depends on individual financial goals and preferences. For short-term needs, the 3-month CD provides quick access to funds, albeit with a lower APY.
  • The 6-month option offers a higher APY for a slightly longer commitment.
  • The 24-month and 48-month CDs present competitive rates for those seeking medium to long-term growth.

Most importantly, the 6-month Certificate of Deposit with an Annual Percentage Yield of 5.00% addresses most of the required and specific needs of individuals seeking a balance between short-term accessibility and favorable interest rates.

P1FCU’s rates are generally in line with industry standards, providing members with a range of options to suit their investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Overview P1FCU

P1FCU is a community cooperative bank. As a community-run bank, we thoroughly enjoy giving back to our community with both service and dollars. Our employees are encouraged to use work hours to volunteer in the community and serve on community organization boards.

Our employees helped the Idaho Food Shelf in Lewiston pack and sort food for local families at the height of the COVID pandemic when the need for food was at a high. We also helped keep local restaurants running in the summer of 2020 by ordering takeout frequently for our staff.

We also made home deliveries of over 100 turkey dinners with all the fixings for Christmas of 2019 with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization.

Aside from giving, at the heart of the philosophy for a credit union is financial education. We can give away meals and money, but many of our customers simply need advice and knowledge about how and when to use their money. 

We offer personal, business, and commercial accounts with personal and business loans for when you need extra cash for your business expansion or home remodel, as well as advice on paying off debt and saving and investing for your future. 

We know that our success is tied to our community’s success, so we like nothing more than helping our customers earn and maintain the wealth needed to live freely.


Want a certificate of deposit with us at P1FCU? Become a member first and we will open a checking or savings account, teach you all the benefits of being a member, and open your certificate of deposit so you can invest in your future.

Locations P1FCU

We offer two branches. One in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, and the other in Ponderay, Idaho. We also have a network of surcharge-free ATMs throughout Idaho and Washington state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the interest earned on a CD taxable?

Yes, the interest earned on a CD is generally subject to income tax. Account holders receive a 1099-INT form at the end of the tax year, detailing the interest earned, which must be reported on their income tax return.

Can I negotiate CD rates with the bank?

CD rates are typically non-negotiable as they are set by the financial institution. Rates are influenced by market conditions and the institution’s policies, and they are applied uniformly to all account holders.

What happens if I forget about my CD after it matures?

If you forget about your CD after it matures, many banks will automatically renew it for another term.

Can I use a CD as collateral for a loan?

Some financial institutions may allow you to use a CD as collateral for a loan. This can potentially provide lower interest rates on the loan, utilizing the CD as security for the borrowed amount.

How is interest on a CD typically paid out?

Interest on a CD is commonly paid out at the end of the term, but some financial institutions may offer options for monthly, quarterly, or annual interest payments. The chosen payout frequency depends on the terms of the specific CD.