Deal Summary:

P1FCU offers a great investment option with our 5 year .95% APY certificate of deposit. The certificate of deposit requires a minimum investment of $500 and pays out on the maturity date.

P1FCU’s CD Options:

P1FCU offers 8 different certificate of deposit options ranging from 3 months to 5 years. The 4 year option is the best highest paying certificate of deposit with a .85% APY.

P1FCU also offers a great deal with their 18 month certificate of deposit with a .80% APY. The interest is paid out upon maturity and the minimum investment is $500.

P1FU’s offerings are great for short and long term investors with deposits starting at 3 months and including 6 months. Certificates of deposit are generally great no risk investments for customers with extra cash in a savings account who want to grow their deposits with interest without risking anything in the stock market. P1FCU does penalize for early withdrawal, but offers options for shorter term deposits so customers can choose their term.


Want a certificate of deposit with us at P1FCU? Become a member first and we will open a checking or savings account, teach you all the benefits of being a member, and open your certificate of deposit so you can invest in your future.


We offer two branches. One in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho and the other in Ponderay, Idaho. We also have a network of surcharge free ATMs throughout Idaho and Washington state.

Bank Overview

P1FCU is a community cooperative bank. As a community run bank, we thoroughly enjoy giving back to our community with both service and dollars. Our employees are encouraged to use work hours to volunteer in the community and service on community organizations boards.

Our employees helped the Idaho Foodshelf in Lewiston pack and sort food for local families at the height of the COVID pandemic when the need for food was at a high. We also helped keep local restaurants running in the summer of 2020 by ordering takeout frequently for our staff.

We also made home deliveries of over 100 turkey dinners with all the fixings for Christmas of 2019 with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization.

Aside from giving, at the heart of the philosophy for a credit union is financial education. We can give away meals and money, but many of our customers simply need advice and knowledge about how and when to use their money. We offer personal, business, and commercial accounts with personal and business loans for when you need extra cash for your business expansion or home remodel, as well as advice paying off debt and saving and investing for your future. We know that our success is tied to our communities success, so we like nothing more than helping our customers earn and maintain the wealth needed to live freely.