Midwest Bank provides Fixed and Flex Certificates of Deposit as products designed for customer savings. Midwest Bank, founded five generations ago and held within the family in the years since, prioritizes collaboration and premiere customer service. Their efforts to be an appropriate steward for shareholders and an asset to the community guide all decisions and policies.

The focus of Midwest Bank and its local branches remains on the financial and community goals of the respective area’s market. This institution’s financial position is solid and can offer extending lending parameters, new borrowing categories, and every modern customer banking convenience. 

Midwest Bank has ten distinct area branches in the following locations:

  • Creighton
  • Deshler
  • Lincoln
  • Norfolk (Main)
  • Norfolk (Midtown)
  • Pierce
  • Pilger
  • Plainview
  • York
  • Wisner

Traditional Certificates of Deposit from Midwest Bank operate on fixed rates with terms ranging from three months to five years. The competitive interest rate increases in direct proportion to the account balance, and the rates and terms vary for each product. A penalty will apply for early withdrawal from this certificate as well. Rates change regularly, so reach out to Midwest Bank for current rates. 

The Flex CD from Midwest Bank is available in a year-long term. During this term, you can make periodic deposits and withdrawals. If you withdraw to the point of closure before the end of the term, you will owe a fee, and the rates for the CD vary. This product is designed for savers who need a bit of flexibility in the product that they choose.

Other financial services and products offered at Midwest Bank include checking and savings accounts, mortgage, personal loans, debit and credit cards, ID protect plus, and financial services for businesses. 

Midwest Bank Unfortunately does not publicly list their cd rates to the generally public. In order to find the rates you must contact the bank directly.

If you’re interested in either the traditional Certificate of Deposit or the Flex CD, reach out to your local Midwest Bank branch.