Deal Summary

Spectra Bank: 1-year CD, 1.10% APY, minimum deposit $1000, dividends paid upon maturity

Golden Bank National Association: 1-year CD, 1.15% APY, minimum deposit $1,500, dividends paid upon maturity

Bridge City State Bank: 1-year CD, 1.20% APY, minimum deposit $10,000, dividends paid monthly

San Antonio’s Top CD Rates

San Antonio’s top CD rates are all based on one-year CDs as these tend to be the most popular amongst clients. One-year CDs are also popular because they have a good APY and you don’t have to leave your money in the account for too long.

Spectra Bank’s top CD rate is a 1-year CD with 1.10% APY and a $1000 deposit required to open the account.

Golden Bank National Association’s top CD rate is a 1-year CD with 1.20% APY and a $1500 minimum deposit.

Bridge City State Bank’s top CD rate is 1.20% APY with a $10,000 minimum deposit.

For short-term investors Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union offers a 6-month CD. This CD offers an annual percentage yield of 0.45%. This CD is obtainable with a $1000 minimum deposit.

Getting a CD depends on a few things, including how long you can afford to keep your money in a CD, the type of CD you want and how much you are willing to deposit. For the most part, CDs vary from 6 to 60 months.


In order to apply for a CD in Spectra Bank, you must already be an existing member of the bank. You must also already live in Texas. In order to find out about their other requirements, you need to contact the bank first.

You must also be an existing member of Golden Bank National Association in order to open a CD with them. This means you have to already have a checking or savings account with them.

If you want to open a CD account with Bridge City State Bank, you will also need to be a member.

Branches in Texas

Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Plano, Sugar Land, Bridge City, and Lumberton.

Bank Overview

Spectra Bank is a bank that provides only the best services to their clients by helping them manage financial situations and finding financial solutions. Employees of Spectra Bank are also provided with a rich and rewarding work environment to help them succeed. They have online banking and also provide loans, checking and savings accounts and more.

Golden Bank National Association was established in 1985 as a way to respond to the banking demands of Asian communities, businesses and new immigrants in Houston, Texas. Since then the bank has expanded and is now known as a five-star bank in Texas.

Bridge City State Bank was founded in 1959 and are a convenient and customer-oriented bank based in Texas. They offer online banking, Mobile banking and 24-hour telephone customer service, as well as in-person banking.