60-month CD, 0.95% APY, minimum deposit $10,000, CDs compounded on a monthly basis. 

Stone Bank’s Top CD Rates Top CD Rates 

Stone Bank’s top CD rate is 0.95% APY. This rate is offered on the credit union’s 60-month CD with a minimum deposit of $10,000. 

A 48-month CD is also available and can be a great alternative. The account offers a 0.90% APY with a $10,000 minimum deposit. 

Stone Bank offers a 3 to 6-month CD for those looking for a short-term investment. This CD offers an annual percentage yield of 0.10%. This CD is also obtainable with a $10,000 minimum deposit. All CDs are compounded monthly, and a penalty is issued for early withdrawal. You are encouraged to call Stone Bank to get more information on rates.

Stone Bank also offers automatic renewal upon the CD’s maturity.


You must already have a checking or savings account with Stone Bank in order to open a CD. In order to do so, contact the bank with all of your information at the ready. 

Branches in Arkansas

DeWitt, Little Rock, Harrison, White Hall, Gillett, and Mountainview.

Bank Overview

Stone Bank promises to offer the best interest rates out there. They also have online banking, which means you can check your balance at any time of the day. 

Stone Bank was established in Arkansas, where they are still currently located, with several branches all over the state. The bank promises to have your best interest in mind and will bank with you at your convenience. Their locations even have conference rooms available to the public, and host special events for their clients.

Stone Bank has all the latest technology, including Interactive Teller Machines that let you access your accounts whenever you want. If you are interested in banking with Stone Bank, you can always visit them in person, however they do offer a “virtual branch” that can also help you with all your needs. 

If you are interested in applying for a loan, Stone Bank has got you covered. They offer loans for anything from homes to cars to even small businesses. If you’re looking for a way to get your business up and running, Stone Bank is there to help.