KeyBank is a leading and exceptional banking institution that is located and headquartered in the United States. The headquarters operates numerous offerings that are aligned with a variety of banking products as well as services.

To provide a more authentic overview, here is a review guide stated next that will focus on the checking and savings accounts of the bank. Moreover, the focus also applies to its CD rates, money market accounts, and mortgage loans.

Let’s have a comprehensive overview of potential customers in the section below;

Bank Overview

KeyBank is the most significant and prominent part of KeyCorp. KeyCorp is one of the largest bank-based in the nation for financial services companies. It is credible in terms of retail banking, investment management plans, proper commercial banking solutions, and consumer finance. There are various other services available for consumers to enjoy.

Additionally, KeyBank is also popular for its customer-focused approach. Its wide range of financial products is flexible enough to deal with both individual and business needs.

The bank is also authentic to support the traditional bank facilities. KeyBank holds a perfect blend of physical branches as well as digital banking capabilities. This modernized approach ensures a comprehensive banking experience for its consumers. It is equally worthy for customers who prefer in-person banking as well as for those who lean towards/require online and mobile banking solutions.

Key Bank Locations

KeyBank is known to be operated in numerous locations. The locations primarily objected to the United States. This significant presence of the bank in several states is further aligned with a broad network of branches and ATMs. It ultimately serves its customers with authentic facilities.

In addition to all this, KeyBank and its locations are strategically convenient enough to access its services for a large segment of the U.S. population.

  • Geographic Presence – KeyBank has its branches and ATM networks that span multiple states. It further focuses on areas; so that it can effectively serve as a broad customer base institute.
  • Branch and ATM Network – The bank has a very broad extensive network of branches and ATMs. In this regard, the survey explained that the branches are even more concentrated on the East Coast side.
  • Accessibility and Convenience – The locations of KeyBank are specially designed for easy access and convenience of the consumers. It offers services on its in-branch banking, and ATMs, as well as drive-through options at many locations.

Checking Accounts

There are several types of checking accounts available at KeyBank. The accounts are credible, authentic, and flexible enough to meet different customer needs;

FeatureKey Smart CheckingKey Select CheckingKeyBank Hassle-Free Account
Fees and Minimum BalanceNo fees or minimum balance$25 monthly maintenance feeNo fees or minimum balance
Check-Writing CapabilitiesYes (Paper checks)Yes (Paper checks)No (Online and electronic transactions only)
Interest EarnedNoPotentially higher CD rates for existing KeyBank customersNo
Debit CardYesYesYes
Online/Mobile Banking ToolsYesYesYes
ATM Fee ReimbursementsNoYesNo
Additional BenefitsNoneDiscounts on KeyBank servicesSimple, fee-free option
Waivable Monthly Maintenance FeeN/AYes (conditions apply, e.g., maintaining a combined balance of $25,000 or making monthly KeyBank mortgage payments of at least $500)N/A

Saving Accounts

KeyBank is credible enough to deal with all the saving options and requirements of the consumers. The basic overview of primary savings accounts available at KeyBank is explained below;

FeatureKeyBank Active Saver Savings AccountKey Select Money Market Savings Account
Minimum Opening Deposit$10$5,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee$4 (waivable)$20 (waivable)
Interest RatesVery lowTiered, potentially higher for larger balances
Excess Transaction FeeYes, subject to fee after the first sixNo
Ways to Waive Monthly Fee– Maintain a minimum balance of $300– Maintain a minimum daily balance of $25,000<br>- Have a KeyBank consumer relationship package checking account
Check Writing AbilitiesNoYes
Overdraft ProtectionNoYes (with no transfer fee)
KeyBank Relationship RateNoYes (potential for increased earnings based on the total relationship with KeyBank)
FDIC InsuranceYes (up to $250,000)Yes (up to $250,000)
Online/Mobile Banking CapabilitiesYesYes

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

KeyBank is known to have a wide range of offerings for the certificate of deposits as well as money market accounts.

The consumers are convenient to support the account and choose the term length that suits them the most. The available terms at KeyBank range from seven days to ten years. However, some of the early withdrawal penalties apply to the accounts. These penalties vary a lot depending on the term of the CD.

In addition to all this, the precise details about money market accounts are depicted below;

FeatureKey Select Money Market Savings Account
Minimum Opening Deposit$5,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee$20 (waivable)
Waiving Monthly Fee Conditions– Maintain a minimum daily balance of $25,000<br>- Have a KeyBank consumer relationship package checking account
Interest RatesTiered, potentially higher for larger balances
Check Writing AbilitiesYes
Withdrawals and TransfersUnlimited
Overdraft ProtectionYes (with no transfer fee)
KeyBank Relationship RateYes (potential for increased earnings based on the total relationship with KeyBank)
FDIC InsuranceYes (up to $250,000)
Online/Mobile Banking CapabilitiesYes

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

KeyBank provides various mortgage loan products to meet the personal as well as the business financing needs of consumers. Before relying on the choice of the loan product, it is credible and highly required to go through the proper terms and conditions of every loan detail.

Some of the credible products are featured below;

Loan ProductDescriptionKey Features
Mortgage Loans– Options for purchasing a home- Refinancing existing mortgages- Home equity loans and lines of credit– Competitive terms and rates- Catering to diverse needs
Personal Loans– Unsecured loans for various personal needs such as debt consolidation, home improvements, or unexpected expenses– Flexible use of funds- Terms and rates based on creditworthiness
Auto Loans– Financing for the purchase of new or used vehicles– Competitive terms and rates
Lines of Credit– Revolving credit lines providing flexible access to funds– Convenient for managing ongoing expenses and unexpected costs

Additional Products and Services

Consumers are allowed to enjoy a range of additional products and services at the bank. These products are managed and referred to as the attractive points that enhance the popularity of the bank to an even greater extent. these products include;

Financial Products and ServicesDescriptionKey Features
Credit Cards– Key Cashback® Credit Card- KeyBank Latitude® Credit Card- Key Secured Credit Card®– Various options, including rewards and cashback- Options for building or improving credit
Investment Services– Financial planning- Retirement planning- Investment management– Tools and resources for informed investment decisions- Suitable for novice and experienced investors

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

AspectKeyBankBank of AmericaU.S. Bank
Savings Account– Modest interest rates- Offers a higher rate money market savings account– Modest interest rates- No higher rate money market savings account– Slightly better savings account than KeyBank
CD Rates– Variety of terms- Relationship Reward rate with Key checking account– Variety of terms- Competitive rates for special CDs– Competitive CDs, slightly better than KeyBank
Checking Account– Offers Key Smart Checking, Select Checking, and Hassle-Free Account- $200 cash bonus promotion– Various checking options with different features and benefits– Similar to KeyBank, slightly lower rating
Money Market Account– Higher rated than Bank of America and U.S. Bank– Does not offer a higher rate money market savings account– Slightly lower rating than KeyBank
Customer Service– Good rating- 24/7 customer service– Varied customer experiences– Comparable to KeyBank, slightly lower rating
Mobile App– Good user experience– Comparable mobile app experience– Similar to KeyBank, slightly lower rating

Pros and Cons Analysis


  • A large suite of banking products catering to diverse customer needs.
  • Various checking account options with features like fee waivers and electronic bill pay.
  • A range of CD terms offering flexibility for short-term and long-term investments.
  • Comprehensive mortgage and loan services.


  • Lower interest rates on savings accounts compared to online banks.
  • Monthly fees on most accounts, although some can be waived under specific conditions.
  • A relatively limited ATM network might pose an inconvenience for some customers.
  • High deposit requirements for certain products like CDs.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of KeyBank through a detailed light on the highlights of customer’s experience. Some customers appreciate its wide range of banking products and services. Whereas some others point out areas where the bank needs improvement.

  • Positive reviews often mention the convenience of having multiple banking products under one roof and the helpfulness of customer service.
  • On the other hand, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with fees associated with certain accounts and the interest rates on savings accounts, which are lower compared to online banks.


To make a concluding statement, KeyBank tends to offer a wide range of banking products. These products are equally liable and suitable for different financial needs and requirements.

In addition to this, the bank is well-defined due to its convenience of traditional banking services with a variety of account types. Customers might find the fees and lower interest rates on savings accounts less competitive when they compare it with the other online banking options.

However, things get managed easily with the help of fascinating features and products available in the banking system.


What are the interest rates for KeyBank’s savings accounts?

KeyBank’s savings account interest rates are generally lower than those offered by online banks. Specific rates vary based on the account type and balance.

Does KeyBank offer mortgage refinancing?

Yes, KeyBank offers mortgage refinancing options, allowing customers to potentially get better interest rates or adjust the terms of their existing loans.

Are there fees associated with KeyBank’s checking accounts?

Yes, some KeyBank checking accounts have monthly maintenance fees, although these can often be waived by meeting certain criteria like maintaining a minimum balance or receiving direct deposits.

Can I use my KeyBank savings account for overdraft protection?

Yes, KeyBank allows customers to link their savings account to their checking account for overdraft protection, with no transfer fee in some cases.

Does KeyBank offer online and mobile banking options?

Yes, KeyBank provides online and mobile banking options, allowing customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, and perform other banking tasks digitally.