Amerant Bank

Mercantile Bank has changed their name to Amerant.

Amerant Banks Top CD rate is 0.35% APY that is available on their 5-year CD that does require a $10,000 minimum deposit. The dividends on this can be paid before maturity. This is fantastic option for those looking at long term investments, while possibly using the dividends as a source of income.

Amerant Bank also offers a 3-year CD that also has a 0.35% APY with the same $10,000 minimum deposit requirement. Just as the 5-year CD, the dividends may be paid out before the maturity of the account. This is fantastic, as even if they are paid out quarterly, this can be a fantastic income or a boost to your current income.

Amerant Bank does offer one to 2-year CDs for those looking for a faster investment. This require a $10,000 minimum deposit and both offer a 0.35% APY. The dividends are available before the maturity of the account and both are subject to early withdrawal fees. These are great options for those people who are wanting a quicker turnaround on their investments.

Amerant Bank offers 12 different CDs. This have varying APY, from 0.30% to 0.35%. They all require a minimum deposit of $10,000, with the option of depositing as much as you want. As with previous CDs described, you are able to collect the dividends before the maturity of all the available accounts. All of Amerant Bank’s CDs are subject to early withdrawal fees.


You do not need to be a member of Amerant bank to open a CD account with them. Everything can be done online with no hassle at all. You do still have the option to go into one of their 27 physical locations and open any account if you so choose. Either way that you choose, the bank representatives will make your experience as quick and carefree as possible. They have over 40 years in the banking industry and know how to make your experience a great one.

Branches in Florida

Aventura, Boca Raton, 2 branches in Coral Gables, Coral Springs, Davie, Delray Beach, 2 branches in Doral, 2 branches in Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, 4 branches in Miami, Miami Lake, Pembroke Pines, Wellington, and Weston.

Branches in Texas

5 branches in Houston, Shenandoah, Sugar Land, and Katy.

Bank Overview

Amerant Bank has been in business for over 40 years offering every aspect of all financial needs that people may have. Everything they do is designed around making the customers experience as simple and carefree as possible. They are dynamic and flexible, conforming to your specific needs. Their portfolios are largely diverse and can fit anyone’s needs quickly and concisely. They are the largest community bank that is based in Florida, with assets equaling close to $8 billion. They employee over 800 employees over their 27 banking centers. They are a household name in the banking community.