Deal Summary:

The highest paying and longest term certificate of deposit through Truliant is a 5 year term for at up to .75% APY. The APY is dependent upon the amount of the deposit, with the minimum deposit of $250 running at .6% APY up to .75% APY at the largest bracket of $100,000 or more.

Truliant CD Options:

Truliant offers a unique structure for their certificates of deposit. The amount you invest changes the interest rate. For their second longest term of 48 months, the APY varies from .5% to .65% when depositing from $250 to $100,000 or more. Our shorterm term CD is 3 months.

In addition to offering several longer and shorterm term options for certificates of deposit, Truliant acknowledges that some people do not want their money locked away in a certificate of deposit. After all, most banks, including Truliant have a penalty for early withdrawal. Instead, Truliant encourages customers to “ladder” CDs. While you can schedule an appointment to discuss in further detail the concept involves opening up several smaller CDs for shorter time periods instead of keeping your money in a longer term certificate of deposit. You’ll have quicker access to funds and get the same or similar return on investment.

We also offer flex certificates which can have additional deposits as well as a one time rate increase when interest rates go up.


In order to open a certificate of deposit with Truliant, we’ll make you a member of our credit union first, then open a checking and savings account for you. You can then transfer money in and have the interest deposited into those accounts too.


Most of our locations are in North Carolina with a higher concentration on Charlotte. Our 13 branches are relatively close to one another and ready to serve our members. We also offer a surcharge free ATM network.

Bank Overview

Truliant was chartered in 1952 to serve the employees of Western Electric. Over time, we grew from 2,000 members to more than 250,000.

Truliant is a strong supported of community events. We believe we are here to serve the community and reflect that through our events. We offer a Community Shred Day, in which our customers and citizens can come in to shred any and all paperwork that could pose a potential identity theft risk if thrown away in regular sheets. Identity theft is something we deal with every day, and it takes a toll on the time of energy of our customers.

We also strive to offer the financial education our customers need to make informed decisions about money and finances. Our bankers can help you decide on the right investment accounts for retirement and education, as well as with loans and safe keeping your money. Our care for the community starts with people being able to grow their wealth and keep it safe.