Bank of Botetourt falls in the category of overall B+ grade for the institution’s health. It tends to make the investment plan more comprehensive and hassle-free so that one can follow all the plans with all the deposit requirements and cash authentications.

With the experienced and most convenient customer support services, the featural analysis is getting more clear and concise day by day.

Bank of Botetourt CD Rates Offers

The specified CD Rates offers to ponder by the Bank of Botetourt are given next;

18-Month Certificate of Deposit

Key Features

  • The CD has a fixed term of 18 months.
  • The annual percentage yield (APY) for deposits of $500 and above is 0.55%.
  • The minimum amount required to open the CD is $2,500.
  • There is an early withdrawal penalty that lasts for 270 days.


  • Potential investors should be aware of the early withdrawal penalty and the associated 270-day duration.
  • The availability of online and mobile banking services adds flexibility and convenience to account management. 

Pros & Cons

Convenient access to account management through online and mobile banking services.CD rates might be less responsive.
FDIC-insuredTerms and conditions are fixed
Low-risk investments plan as they are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed by law. 

Are Bank of Botetourt CD Rates Competitive? 

Bank of Botetourt’s CD rates can be considered competitive, especially when examining the 18-month CD with a 0.55% APY for deposits of $500 and above. This rate compares favorably with national averages and remains attractive to investors seeking a fixed-term investment with a predictable return. 

The minimum deposit requirement of $2,500 further enhances accessibility, making it a viable option for a broad range of investors. The stability offered by a fixed interest rate contributes to the overall appeal of Bank of Botetourt’s CD offerings.

How do Bank of Botetourt CD Rates Compare?

When compared to national averages, the Bank of Botetourt’s CD rates, particularly the above-mentioned one, demonstrated the competitiveness in the market. While rates are subject to change and depend on various factors;

The bank’s offering holds its ground against other financial institutions.

Investors may find the combination of a competitive APY, reasonable minimum deposit, and additional features like online and mobile banking to be compelling reasons to consider the Bank of Botetourt for their CD investments.

Overview of Bank of Botetourt 

For over 100 years, the Bank of Botetourt has believed in the slogan “Taking Care of You.” To them, it is more than just a slogan, rather a way of living. Aside from helping their clients, they want to make sure that they help their community through all of their financial ups and downs.

To prove their dedication to making their community a better place, the Bank of Botetourt also donates to charities that benefit education, culture and the arts, social service agencies, charitable activities, community, and economic development, and any other programs that may impact the needs of their communities.

The employees at the Bank of Botetourt are also all encouraged to volunteer within the community. They can do this by mentoring others, volunteering, sponsoring someone, and more. They even participate in yearly walk-a-thons that benefit people in need.

The bank is also dedicated to helping the youth of their community achieve their goals of higher education by giving out $1000 scholarships to local high school seniors. These scholarships are meant to be used for college tuition.

This isn’t the only scholarship offered by the Bank of Botetourt however. They also give out an annual $500 during their “Taking Care of You” Community Scholarship. This is given out to either high school students or college students who currently bank with the Bank of Botetourt.

Locations Bank of Botetourt CD Rates

You must be a member of the Bank of Botetourt to open a CD with them. That means you have to have an account already set up with them. Not only that, but you must also live in Virginia to do so.

  • VIRGINIA – Buchanan, Roanoke, Daleville, Eagle Rock, Fairfield, Moneta, Lexington, Natural Bridge Station, Troutville, and Salem.


What is the minimum deposit required for a CD deposit at the Bank of Botetourt?

The minimum deposit required is $2,500. However, the requirement may vary and be subjected to changes over time.

What is the early withdrawal penalty for the 18-month CD?

The early withdrawal penalty is applicable for 270 days, impacting the potential returns if funds are withdrawn before maturity.

How does the Bank of Botetourt’s CD compare to national averages and other financial institutions?

The 0.55% APY is competitive, and investors should compare it with national averages and rates offered by other banks for a comprehensive assessment.

Are there any additional fees associated with the 18-month CD, such as wire transfer fees or account maintenance fees?

Yes, there are fees for domestic wire transfers: $15 for inbound and $20 for outbound. Ensure awareness of these fees and any potential account maintenance fees.

Can I withdraw the interest earned on the 18-month CD before maturity, and are there any restrictions on this feature?

Yes, interest can be withdrawn before maturity. It’s important to review the terms and conditions for any specific restrictions on this feature.