Deal Summary

5-year CD, 0.90% APY, minimum deposit $500, dividends paid upon maturity.

Bank of Botetourt’s Top CD Rates

Bank of Botetourt’s top CD rate is .90% APY. This rate is offered on the credit union’s 5-year CD with a minimum deposit of 2050. The dividends earned on this CD are paid upon maturity.

The 4-year CD is a great alternative. The account offers an 0.75% APY with a $500 minimum deposit. This account also pays you your dividends upon maturity. The more money that you put in to your CD account, the more you will make.

For short-term investors the bank offers a 3-year CD. This CD offers an annual percentage yield of 0.60%. This CD is also obtainable with a $500 minimum deposit. This CD is also paid out upon maturity.

Each of Bank of Botetourt’s CDs can be opened with a $500 minimum deposit. You are always welcome to invest more, but you don’t have to. These CD terms vary from 1 to 5-years. The APY starts at 0.45% and builds to 0.90%. Each of Bank of Botetourt’s CD accounts is subject to early withdrawal penalties.


You must be a member of Bank of Botetourt to open a CD with them. That means you have to have an account already set up with them. Not only that, but you must also live in Virginia to do so.

Branches in Virginia

Buchanan, Roanoke, Daleville, Eagle Rock, Fairfield, Moneta, Lexington, Natural Bridge Station, Troutville, and Salem.

Bank Overview

For over 100 years, the Bank of Botetourt has believed in the slogan “Taking Care of You.” To them, it is more than just a slogan, rather a way of living. Aside from helping their clients, they want to make sure that they help their community through all of their financial ups and downs.

To prove their dedication to making their community a better place, Bank of Botetourt also donates to charities that benefit education, culture and the arts, social service agencies, charitable activities, community and economic development, and any other programs that may impact the needs of their communities.

The employees at Bank of Botetourt are also all encouraged to volunteer within the community. They can do this by mentoring others, volunteering, sponsoring someone, and more. In fact, they even participate in yearly walk-a-thons that benefit people in need.

The bank is also dedicated to helping the youth of their community achieve their goals of higher education by giving out $1000 scholarships to local high school seniors. These scholarships are meant to be used for college tuition.

This isn’t the only scholarship offered by the Bank of Botetourt however. They also give out an annual $500 during their “Taking Care of You” Community Scholarship. This is given out to either high school students or college students that currently bank with Bank of Botetourt.