Navigant Credit Union is a Rhode Island-based, member-owned financial institution that provides accessible and affordable financial services. Their financial products are geared for both personal banking and business banking.

So in the perspective of financial products, here is the detailed analysis provided below about Navigant Credit Union CD Rates.

Navigant Credit Union CD Rates Offers

Most authenticated CD offers by the concerned credit union are as follows;

Term: 2022-2024

  • Duration: Up to 63 Months
  • APR: 6.49%


  • Evaluate the financial goals and timeline for optimal term selection.
  • Understand any potential penalties for early withdrawals.

Pros & Cons

Competitive APR of 6.49%Limited term flexibility (up to 63 months)
Flexible options for varied goalsPotential penalties for early withdrawals

Term: Up to 75 Months

  • Duration: Up to 75 Months
  • APR: 6.74%


  • Long-term commitment, is highly suitable for those with a more extended savings horizon.
  • Review any specific terms or conditions associated with this extended duration.

Pros & Cons

Higher APR at 6.74%Extended commitment with up to 75 months term

Are Navigant Credit Union CD Rates Competitive?

Navigant Credit Union offers competitive CD rates, providing a range of terms to cater to diverse financial preferences.

The term spanning from 2022 to 2024 boasts a competitive APR of 6.49%, coupled with flexible options suitable for various savings goals. Although the term is limited to 63 months, the offered APR and secure savings make it an attractive choice.

On the other hand, the extended term of up to 75 months comes with a higher APR of 6.74%, offering a potentially increased interest accrual for those seeking a longer commitment.

Navigant Credit Union’s trusted banking services further contribute to the overall competitiveness of their CD rates, ensuring a reliable platform for maximizing savings. Whether opting for a shorter or more extended duration, the credit union’s diverse CD options provide a solid foundation for individuals aiming to enhance their financial well-being.

Overview Navigant Credit Union

Navigant Credit Union’s mission is to improve the financial wellness and stability of members throughout the Rhode Island community to build a better future for all residents. Among their members are individuals, families, and small businesses that reside in Rhode Island. They have served their community for over 105 years so far.

From humble beginnings to the current day where they now manage $2.5 billion in assets, they have stayed consistent with their mission of giving back to the community. The employees and bankers at Navigant Credit Union live, shop, worship, and learn in the same community as their members. They were voted the best place to work in Rhode Island in 2019 and for five years prior by a local Rhode Island newspaper. 

They give back to their community every year by donating over $250,000 in higher education scholarships to students as well as hosting financial literacy learning programs for youth and adults. The services that they provide are specialized and personalized.

Credit unions are community owned which means that when you bank with Navigant Credit Union you have a voice in the institution and in the community that they serve. Staying up to date with the times, they have integrated modern innovation into their services with user-friendly mobile banking and text banking.


New and existing members of Navigant Credit Union must make a $500 deposit to open a CD with the credit union. To become a new member you can visit a branch or sign up online. You must live or work within the member service area in Rhode Island.

Locations Navigant Credit Union CD Rates

Branches in Rhode Island

The branches in Rhode Island are:

Central Falls, East Greenwich, Lincoln, Riverside, North Smithfield, Warren, Warwick, Cumberland, Manville, East Providence, Smithfield, Woonsocket, Chepachet, Greenville, Pawtucket, Scituate, South Kingstown

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the APR for the 2022-2024 CD term?

 The APR for the 2022-2024 CD term is 6.49%.

Are the CD rates competitive?

Yes, competitive APRs, offer diverse options for different savings goals.

Is there flexibility in CD term lengths?

Yes, with options ranging from 63 to 75 months, providing flexibility to suit varied preferences.

What are the key features of the CD terms?

The people can enjoy competitive APRs, flexibility, and secure savings with the trusted Navigant Credit Union in the financial market.

What considerations should I keep in mind?

Evaluate your financial goals, understand penalties, and choose a term aligning with your savings horizon.