60-month CD, .50% APY, minimum deposit $500, dividends paid annually 

Public Service Credit Union Top CD Rates 

The top CD Rate offered by Public Service Credit Union is with its 60-month CD. The rate is .60% APY. The minimum deposit for this rate is $250,000. If you don’t have that much money to deposit you could deposit a minimum of $500 into a 60-month CD and get a .50% APY. 

To determine your CD rate Public Service Credit Union has a tier system. Each tier is based on how much money you deposit. So, the more money you deposit the higher the tier you are in and the better the rate will be. Tier V requires a deposit of $250,000 and offers the highest rates, while tier 1 only requires a minimum of $500 to be deposited. 

For those looking for a short-term CD there are several great options. The 6-month CD offers a rate of 0.15% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. If you have $250,000 or more to deposit you could even get a rate as good as .21%. Early withdrawal penalties do apply. 

Another good short-term CD is a 12-month CD. It offers a rate of 0.18% APY. Similarly, to other CDs offered by Public Service Credit Union this one also offers a higher rate the more you invest. With an investment of $250,000 your rate would be 0.26% APY.  

For their longer-term CDs Public Service Credit Union does offer a special step-up feature. With this feature you can adjust the interest rate of the CD if it goes up. This is great because CDs are normally locked to the rate they are at when you purchase them, but this allows you to make a little extra money if that rate does go up. This feature is only available on 48 and 60-month CDs. 

For those looking to invest a lot of money, Public Service Credit Union offers jumbo CDs. These CDs require at least $250,000 minimum and only last 3 months. If you deposit between $250,000 and $499,999.99 you will receive a rate of .30% APY, between $500,000 and $999,999.99 you will receive a rate of .45% APY, and if you have over $1,000,000 you will receive a rate of .6% or even higher. 


In order to open a CD with Public Service Credit Union you will need to become a member with them. To become a member you must live, work, or worship in the state of Michigan or have an immediate family member with an account there. You must also open a savings account and deposit at least $25.00 and no more than $500.00. 

Branches in Michigan 

Romulus Branch, Cadillac Place, Flat Rock, Focus: Hope, Garden City, Grosse lle, Millender Center, Redford South, Redford North, Oak Park, Taylor, Trenton, VA Medical Center. 

Bank Overview 

Public Service Credit Union prides itself on being top of the list in customer service. Like with most credit unions all members are part-owners. This means that whatever steps the credit union takes will also be steps that help its members. They also offer extensive identity theft protection in order to keep their members safe.