Deal Summary:

Cadence Bank asks that you contact them to discuss rates for their certificate of deposit accounts, as their rates do change, and a banker can best educate you about the process of opening and maintaining a certificate of deposit.

Cadence Bank tends to offer certificates of deposits with a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. The purpose of the certificate of deposit is to keep your money in a very low risk investment account.

Cadence CD Options:

Cadence Back certificates of deposit have a minimum investment of $500 with no maintenance charge. We offer CDs from 7 days up to five years. Our certificates of deposit represent excellent diverse investments as they are very low risk and involve growing your savings when you don’t need the cash on hand. All interest is paid out upon maturity. We do have a penalty for early withdrawal with interest penalties based on the amount of time before agreed maturity.


To open a certificate of deposit, we would love for you to become a member of Cadence Back first. Signing up is easy online or in person. We can then make you a checking or savings account and transfer your deposit into a CD.


We offer locations in several southeastern states, including Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. A total of 17 branches are offered. Most of our branches are a distance apart to serve a wide range of locations.

Bank Overview

Cadence Bank knows that small businesses and individuals are the backbone of our national and local economy. We believe that small business loans are a central point in revitalizing our neighborhoods. Cadence also works with and readily supports non-profit organizations who use their energy every day to improve our communities through loans and grants.

Cadence Bank also believes in affordable housing and has lending options to ensure that more people can find safe, comfortable, long term places to stay. We also passionately and proudly have many of our employees volunteer in the community on a regular basis for community events.

We fully support the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, which helps local banks and credit unions support the monetary and borrowing needs of local low to moderate income citizens. We hope to offer these people the best possible service and convenience, easy to use product at a minimal price while we help them with their financial future.

Cadence otherwise offers a full suite of banking services for personal and business. Consider Cadence a partner in helping you invest the money you need to retire, as well as building up savings for a college fund, or a car loan when your family outgrows your old one. We love working with small businesses as well and have loaned to many prominent small businesses in all the states we service. Consider calling us or stopping into one of our branches. We would love to help!