Capital Credit Union is a great option for customers seeking a no-risk investment and who don’t need their cash on hand. There is a penalty for early withdrawal based on the number of months or years until the CD rates was set to renew. All accounts renew automatically and will renew unless written notification of cancellation is presented. 

For easy access, Capital Credit Union only requires you to have a membership with our credit union to open a certificate of deposit. This is easy to do online or in person.

Capital Credit Union CD Rates Offers

The most considerable CD offers by Capital Credit Union are;

3 – 5 Months Term

  • Minimum to Open & Earn Dividends: $1,000.00
  • Dividend Rate: 1.99%
  • APY: 2.00%


  • $5,000 New Money required to open and earn dividends. Waived for current members with an Active Checking account.

Pros & Cons

Competitive APY of 2.00%Short-term, lower interest compared to longer terms

6 – 11 Months Term

  • Minimum to Open & Earn Dividends: $1,000.00
  • Dividend Rate: 2.48%
  • APY: 2.50%


  • The CD Rate is automatically renewable; will renew into a 6-month term.

Pros & Cons

Higher APY of 2.50%Intermediate term
Reasonable minimum balance of $1,000

24 – 35 Months Term

Key Features

  • Minimum to Open & Earn Dividends: $1,000.00
  • Dividend Rate: 3.455%
  • APY: 3.50%


  • The CD rate has a penalty for early withdrawal.

Pros & Cons

APY of 3.50% provides attractive returnsMedium-term commitment
Low minimum balance of $1,000

60 Months Term

Key Features

  • Minimum to Open & Earn Dividends: $1,000.00
  • Dividend Rate: 4.184%
  • APY: 4.25%


  • Rates are subject to change without notice.

Pros & Cons

Attractive APY of 4.25%Requires a higher minimum balance of $50,000
Long-term commitment with potentially higher returnsAutomatic renewal into a 6-month term

Are Capital Credit Union CD Rates Competitive?

Capital Credit Union offers competitive CD rates compared to industry standards, with Annual Percentage Yields ranging from 1.99% to 4.25%. These rates provide favorable returns for various term lengths, appealing to individuals seeking short to long-term investment options. 

The APYs offered by Capital Credit Union compare favorably to those offered by many financial institutions, making their Certificates of Deposit a compelling choice for members looking to earn competitive dividends on their savings. 

However, as rates may be subject to change, individuals are encouraged to verify the current rates and terms directly with the credit union.

Overview Capital Credit Union

Capital Credit Union was founded as a local credit union and strives to offer community development and outreach to the cities in which we live and work. We strongly believe in giving back to our community through organizations like St John’s Homeless Center and the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley. We helped St John’s raise over $42,000 – a significant increase of $5,000 over the previous year of fundraising efforts.

Last year, our employees volunteered 2,987 hours of their time for community events and organizations with over ⅔ of our employees contributing their time, efforts, and talents to a variety of service projects.

We also generally believe in offering low to no-cost support for families seeking affordable housing. Everyone needs shelter from Wisconsin winters and we proudly help people find a home while offering the financial means to get those keys. 

We are serious about homelessness and also hold a rooftop fundraiser in which management team members spend the night on a branch rooftop to raise money for homeless shelters. We do this to get people to acknowledge that sleeping outside can push people outside of their comfort zone.

Capital Credit also supports many local humane societies and believes in connecting pets and people with the right homes for both the company of humans and to save animal lives.

Stop in and we can help you open an account. It’s also possible to open an account mostly online through our website.


Capital Credit Union only requires you to have a membership with our credit union to open a certificate of deposit. This is easy to do online or in person.

Locations Capital Credit Union

Capital Credit Union offers 24 CU locations in Wisconsin including in Appleton, Greenbay, and Oshkosh. We offer a variety of locations to better serve our local customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current CD rates offered by Capital Credit Union?

The rates vary based on the term of the Certificate of Deposit (CD). The rates range from 1.99% to 4.25%. To get more authenticated awareness, contact a Member Service Representative of Capital Credit Union.

Are there any penalties for early withdrawal from a Capital Credit Union CD?

Yes, Certificates may have penalties for early withdrawal, that vary as per CD Terms

 How does the automatic renewal feature work for Capital Credit Union CDs?

Capital Credit Union CDs have an automatic renewal feature. At maturity, the CD will automatically renew into a specified term. Members have the option to prevent renewal by closing the account at maturity or by responding to a notice sent at least 30 calendar days before maturity.

What are the minimum balance requirements to open a CD with Capital Credit Union?

The minimum balance to open and earn dividends varies by term. For most terms, the minimum is $1,000. However, for the 48 – 59 Months and 60 Months terms, a higher minimum balance of $50,000 is required

Do Capital Credit Union CD rates apply to business accounts or institutional deposits?

No, the CD rates are specified to apply to individual accounts and do not necessarily apply to business accounts with a combined certificate total of more than $250,000 or to institutional or government deposits. Business account holders are advised to contact a Member Service Representative for specific rates.