TCF Bank is the previous name of Huntington Bank. Along with the name, the services also have evolved to a greater extent. The bank has an extraordinary reputation because of its offerings covering financial products as well as other credible services.

In terms of attraction, the customer-centric approach is credibly known to deliver high-edge performance. It has a strong presence in several states where the bank is bound to deliver a wide range of banking solutions. These solutions have proven to be ideal to meet the needs of a broader range of audiences including investors, small businesses, and even large corporations.

Let’s delve into the deeper analysis of the TCF Bank Review, available for the precise understanding of the readers!

Bank Overview

In the prospectus of creating and drafting a comprehensive as well as compelling review for Huntington Bank (formerly TCF Bank), the attraction terms are bound for their financial products.

These products include;

  • Savings accounts
  • Checking accounts
  • CDs
  • Money market accounts
  • Mortgage loans

All of the product categories require an in-depth analysis that defines their features & rates, and their overall value for the customers. For the ease of interested people, a detailed examination of each product category mentioned above:

TCF Bank Locations

The combined entities of TCF or Huntington Bank are being operated on an extensive networking approach. It has its headquarters in Wayzata, MN with a wide range of branches as well as ATMs.

This expansion in accessibility is clear evidence that they are offering banking services to their customers across various regions. However, to find out the individual details of the exact number and location of the branches along with ATMs we recommend you to rely on the official website.

Checking Accounts

Huntington Bank is credibly known to deliver the best performance in terms of checking accounts. They provide competitive interest rates that are available between 3.45% to 3.56% APY. The APY consideration further depends upon the account authentication that is eligible for the Huntington checking accounts.

However, for the checking accounts, automatic payments are not scheduled. For the outstanding balances, a 1% monthly interest charge is applicable which is around 12% Annual Percentage Rate.

Feature / Account TypeAsterisk-Free Checking®Huntington Perks CheckingHuntington Platinum Perks CheckingHuntington SmartInvest CheckingStudent Banking
Monthly Maintenance FeeNoneFee applies (waivable)Fee applies (waivable)Fee applies (waivable)None
Minimum Opening DepositVariesVariesVariesVariesVaries
Interest BearingNoYesYesYesNo
ATM TransactionsFree at Huntington ATMsFree at Huntington ATMsFree at Huntington ATMs and non-Huntington ATMsFree at Huntington ATMsFree at Huntington ATMs

Saving Accounts

There can be noticed a wide variety of saving options in the working horizon of Huntington Bank. The regular savings account appears to deliver higher APYs. The notable highest APY includes 5.20% (5.30% APY) for a balance of up to $999,999.99. Additionally, 3.94% (4.00% APY) is available for the balances over $1,000,000.

In addition to this, the Premier Savings account is known to have a bit lower APY stance. It is around 0.01% APY, and the relationship interest rate that applies to it is 0.02% APY on condition that this is linked with a qualifying category of Huntington checking account.

Feature / Account TypeRelationship Money Market AccountSmartInvest Money Market AccountMoney Market Account IRARelationship SavingsPremier Savings
Interest Rate/APYVaries; tiered ratesVaries; tiered ratesVaries; tiered ratesVaries; tiered rates0.01% APY
Monthly Maintenance FeeYes (waivable)Yes (waivable)Yes (waivable)Yes (waivable)None
Minimum Opening DepositVariesVariesVariesVariesVaries
Minimum Balance Requirement$25,000 to earn interestVariesVariesVariesNone

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Just like the checking and saving options and features, Huntington Bank offers a credible range of Certificates of Deposit along with the Money Market accounts. Each category is specifically designed and meant to meet the specified savings goals and preferences of the individuals.

Their CD account comprises fixed interest rates that are very appreciable to provide an expected stable return. In this regard, the customers have to submit the minimum deposit. The deposit should be around $1,000, for each CD account. 

Moreover, the interest rates on these CDs are not the same as they changed with the term conditions and also depend upon the amount of deposit. The Promotional CDs includes;

  • 6 months – 4.86% APY (7 months)
  • 12 months – 5.13% APY (11 months)

In addition to the CDs, the specification of the Money Market account at the concerned Bank starts with the initial deposit requirement of $25,000. This is basic to start earning interest.

One other thing to note is that, if the customers do not want to pay $25 in terms of monthly maintenance fee, they have to maintain a consistent balance in the account. They can also waive the fees;

  • by holding a Huntington 5 or Huntington 25 Checking account
  • By having personal Client account​

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

For mortgage loans, the bank rates vary a lot and this variation is based on several factors. The rates are calculated based on;

  • A $225,000 loan amount
  • A minimum 20% down payment
  • Credit score
  • Other standard fees.

These rates and factors are indicative and their variation is credibly different for individual customer profiles and market conditions.​

Additional Products and Services

For the additional services and requirements, Huntington Bank has the most prevalent position in the financial institutes. It is known to provide exceptional service categories that can not be noticed in another traditional banking approach. These exceptional services are;

Business SegmentServices Offered
Business Banking Solutions– Checking and savings accounts- Credit options- Treasury management- Industry-specific banking solutions
Wealth Management– Investment management- Retirement planning- Estate planning- Tailored services for individuals with varying financial goals
Insurance Services– Life insurance- Health insurance- Property insurance- Range of insurance products to protect both individuals and businesses
Credit Cards– Various credit card options- Designed to meet different spending habits and financial needs- Offers rewards, cashback, and other benefits

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

The significant comparison approach of Huntington bank can be noticed from the tabular explanation noticed in the section below. The comparison is conducted on the credibility regulation of its top competitors.

Feature / InstitutionHuntington BankChase BankWells FargoBank of America
Checking AccountsOffers various types with competitive APYsMultiple options with various benefitsRange of choices, some with monthly feesSeveral account types with different perks
Savings AccountsHigh-interest rates for regular savingsStandard savings optionsOffers a few savings account choicesBasic and Rewards savings options
CD RatesFixed-rate CDs, minimum deposit requiredVaries with term and depositRange of rates based on term and balanceCompetitive rates, different terms offered
Money Market AccountsHigh minimum balance for top-tier accountsOffers with varying interest ratesIncludes accounts with tiered interest ratesNot prominently featured
Mortgage LoansCompetitive, tailored ratesOffers a variety of mortgage optionsVarious home lending productsWide range of home loan products
Online & Mobile BankingUser-friendly platformsAdvanced digital banking featuresRobust online and mobile bankingStrong digital banking capabilities

Pros and Cons Analysis


  1. It provides a comprehensive route of banking and financial services that is suitable for a diverse customer base.
  2. Competitive Interest Rates in savings and checking accounts, provide an opportunity to customers for better returns.
  3. Wealth Management Expertise provides personalized investment advice to people for successful financial planning.


  1. Some accounts require significant minimum balances.
  2. Certain accounts come with monthly fees. Although the fees are waived under required conditions.
  3. Lack of detailed information to the public on CD rates can make it difficult for investors to make informed decisions.




Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Huntington Bank fall for the specifications that rely around;

  • Customer service
  • Convenience of their online and mobile banking platforms

However, some reviews point out issues that are subjected to the fees and overdrafts of the bank. In this regard, one thing should be kept in mind: customer experiences vary as per individual circumstances and specific banking needs.

Final Personal Review


Huntington Bank’s wide range of services is impressive, catering to almost every financial need from basic checking accounts to complex wealth management. Their digital banking platforms are user-friendly, facilitating easy management of finances.

Customer-Centric Approach

Huntington seems committed to a customer-centric approach, evident in their tailored financial solutions and emphasis on customer service. However, the experience varies a lot based on different noteworthy factors, which can not be judged through a single customer review.


degrees of competitiveness and appeal. The high-interest rates on certain savings and checking accounts are notable, but the high balance requirements and potential fees in other accounts may not suit all customers. As always, it’s advisable for potential customers to consider their financial situations and needs when choosing banking products.


What types of checking accounts are available at Huntington Bank?

Checking account options for the bank consist of Asterisk-Free Checking®, Huntington Perks Checking℠, and Huntington Platinum Perks Checking℠. All of them are bound with unique features to support customers’ needs.

How does the interest rate of savings accounts compare to other banks?

The interest rates offered by savings accounts are competitive, especially for their regular savings accounts. The rates are credibly high in terms of comparison to many other large bank options. It makes them attractive for customers who are looking to earn more than their deposits.

Are there any fees associated with accounts?

Yes, the checking and savings accounts come with monthly maintenance fees. However, these fees can be covered by maintaining a minimum balance or linking the account to other qualifying accounts available.

What is the minimum deposit for a CD at Huntington Bank?

The minimum deposit required to open a Certificate of Deposit is $1,000. This minimum deposit requirement can be changed according to the choice and selection of the term.

Can I manage my Huntington Bank accounts online or via mobile?

Yes, Huntington Bank comprises highly authentic online mobile banking applications. This allows the customers to deal with their accounts easily to pay bills, transfer funds, and access a range of other banking services conveniently.