Deal Summary

Simple Savings CD, 0.25% APY, minimum deposit $100.00


According to KS State Bank’s website, please note: Assuming all requirements are met within the statement cycle for balances up to $25,000; interest rate on balances over $25,000 is 0.20%, 0.20% APY. If qualifications are not met, interest rate drops to 0.15%, 0.15% APY on all balances.

Checking PLUS: 1.50% APY , minimum deposit $100.00

Simple Savings: 0.15% APY, minimum deposit $100.00

Advantage Money Market:0.15% APY, minimum deposit $2,500.00

Advantage Money Market: 0.20% APY, minimum deposit $2,500.00

Advantage Monkey Market:0.20% APY, minimum deposit $2,500.00

Advantage Monkey Market:0.20% APY, minimum deposit $2,500.00

1 Year CD:0.25% APY, minimum deposit $500.00

1 Year CD Jumbo CD- Internet Only Special:0.25% APY, minimum deposit $100,000.00

18 Month Jumbo CD:0.23% APY, minimum deposit $100,000.00

If you are interested in KS State Bank’s longer term services, please check out the options on their websites here.


In order to access  KS State Bank CD rates, you must be a member of their bank. The membership process is quick and easy and can be done either online, on the phone, or in person at any of their branch locations.

  • By Email:
  • By Phone:
    • Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm CT; Saturday 9 am to 12 pm (noon) CT.
    • 785-587-4000 (local)
    • 800-588-6805 (call toll-free or text message)
    • 785-564-6219 (TTY access for the hearing imparied)
  • In Person:
    • If you prefer to apply for membership in person, please check online for their available locations near you.
    • Please note, each branch will have a different opening and closing time. Please call your local KS State Bank beforehand to check their business hours of operations.
    • You can also check with your local KS State Bank to see if they have any special promotions going on for their CD rates. Please notes each branch will differ.

Branches in California

KS State Bank currently does not have any branches in California. However, they do have branches in these locations: Manhattan, Ogden, Wichita, Phoenix and Junction City.

Bank Overview

KS State Bank has its headquarters in Manhattan and it is currently the 7th largest bank in Kansas. KS State Bank is also the 343th largest bank in the nation.  KS State Bank was established in 1969 and as of June 2020, it had grown to 278 employees at its seven locations.

 KS State Bank is committed to great banking and top-notched customer service.

 KS State Bank currently has six branches across the state (in Junction City,Wichita, Manhattan) as well as a branch in Phoenix, AZ.  KS State Bank has come a long way since when they first opened in 1969 and they hope to continue to grow throughout the years to come.