A range of CDs, with terms from 6 to 60 months. The shortest term has an annual percentage yield of 0.35%. The longest term has an annual percentage yield of 1.25%. Minimum opening deposit of $1000.

Delta Credit Union’s Top CD Rates

Delta Credit Union’s top rates are offered on terms of 60 months. These terms have an annual percentage yield of 1.25%. 

For customers seeking a shorter-term alternative, the Union offers 4-month terms. These terms come with an annual percentage yield of 0.35%. This is very high compared to some banks. 

The bank’s high annual percentage yields come with a restricting stipulation. Those seeking to open a CD with Delta Credit Union must make an initial deposit of $1000. The bank also penalizes early withdrawals. Balances on CDs must stay above $1000.

Delta Credit Union offers the following term lengths: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 46 months, and 60 months. All of these CDs can be opened with a minimum deposit of $1000. This is provided the balance in the account remains above $1000 for the duration of the term.

Customers are not limited to the minimum $1000 deposit when opening a CD. They may deposit more money if they like. The bank offers a mechanism for comparing its rates with the rates of others. It has one of the highest rates when compared to traditional banks.


As stated above, CDs are restricted to those with the ability to make an initial $1000 deposit. Joint ownership and beneficiaries are permitted. Anyone wishing to open a CD at Delta Credit Union must call a branch and speak with a representative.

Branches in Georgia

Delta Credit Union has the following branches in the state of Georgia, among others:

  • Stockbridge
  • Atlanta
  • Decatur
  • College Park
  • Peachtree City

Bank Overview

Delta Credit Union, or Delta Community Credit Union, was founded by eight Delta Airlines employees with a combined capital of just $45. It was meant to serve as a not-for-profit method of helping their peers reach financial success.

The Union has become Georgia’s largest credit union and strives to share the benefits it gains from its customers with the surrounding community. They state those eight employees, who founded the Union, as their inspiration. 

The Delta Credit Union has a number of community investment initiatives. These include their activities with local chambers of commerce, schools, and charitable organizations. They take every opportunity to funnel proceeds from business back into the communities they serve.

They currently work to support the Children’s Miracle Network. They do this through their relationship with Credit Unions for Kids. The Delta Credit Union is a philanthropic fund, which enables them to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with the communities they represent.

Delta Credit Union offers both in-person and online services and its CDs have very high annual percentage yields. For this reason, the Union feels it has found the best combination of sustainability and profitability for its customers and clientele.