Deal Summary:

Enterprise Bank offers a .95% APY 5 year certificate of deposit with a minimum of $10,000. Interest is paid out at the maturity date.

Enterprise Bank CD Options:

We have 8 options with a variety of terms and APY. Our 4 year certificate of deposit has a .85% APY with a minimum deposit of $10,000.

Another option is a 3 year certificate with .75% with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Our shortest term certificate of deposit is between 3 months and 12 months ranging from .3% to .5%.

We offer a variety of options for a variety of people. Some of our customers don’t want to have to wait years to remove money from their account, so they elect to “ladder” their certificates of deposit in order to have several smaller interest rate CDs that end sooner. As a no risk investment, this makes sense for people who want the potential for liquid cash available. We also encourage our customers to deposit more than $10,000 if they want to. We also do penalize customers for early withdrawal of funds.


Our bankers will help you become a member of Enterprise Bank and open a checking or savings account so you can open your certificate of deposit.


We offer two locations in Omaha, Nebraska called our West Center Office and our Regency Office. We also offer a network of surcharge free ATMS with 24/7 access.

Bank Overview

Enterprise Bank has been serving the Omaha, Nebraska community since 1991. Our roots are in the community and our bankers thoroughly enjoy helping individuals open and maintain checking accounts as well as finding services like auto loans and more. We pride ourselves on making timely decisions so that our customers and businesses can unlock their own potential through financing, whether it’s the need to expand a building for a business or help a student prepare to go to college, we look forward to making someone’s goals come true.

Our website also offers a full Learning Center that has many detailed videos explaining how parts of our website work. Our Learning Center allows for all hours instant access so you can make changes to your account regardless of the hour, especially when we are not open.

Our goal is to help our thriving community thrive, and in many cases, access to money and timely decisions makes a big difference in people’s lives. We are also active with community organizations that help with issues like homelessness, hunger, education, and substances abuse issues. These issues often relate to financial issues and we are happy to both educate people and give them a better chance by volunteering and donating to the places that help them further themselves in life.