FirstBank Florida is the first division bank in the category of FirstBank Puerto Rico. It is a credible and highly appropriate bank option because of its range of financial products and services.

The bank is authentic and exceptional as it caters to the personal and business banking needs of the consumers. Their services further include checking and savings accounts. Their CDs, money market accounts, mortgage loans, and online banking facilities are also well appreciated.

To provide you with precise and authorized guidelines about the bank, here is the most comprehensive guide stated next for your kind reference. So that one can seek the proper guidelines about the bank and its approach.

Bank Overview

FirstBank is a well-established financial institution. It started to be operated back in 1906.

In terms of its operation, it is known to be a wholly owned subsidiary. FirstBank is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to this, the bank has a strong presence in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and North Georgia. All the branches are well equipped with full-service bank branches in these regions. Moreover, its mortgage offices are available throughout the Southeast.

FirstBank primarily focuses on the local banking approach. It is further aligned with personalized and relationship-based service.

This approach plays a primary role in their operation. This role has been consistently maintained throughout its history. Apart from all this, the strategy of the bank further works by empowering local bankers along with a decision-making authority

It is the aspect that is complemented by appropriate risk oversight. This bak model is specially designed to keep decision-makers close to the clients. The FirstBank tends to believe that it is crucial for effective service delivery for business owners and operators.

FirstBank Florida Locations

FirstBank has a vast number of locations throughout Florida.

For the ease of the users and investors, the official website comprises a locator tool. This tool helps consumers to find branches and ATMs near them in a concise way. However, to operate this the website requires JavaScript to be enabled for the locator. So that it can function properly​​.

In addition to this, the First Bank has a presence in Florida with 18 branches all across 11 different cities as well as towns.

Some other cities where The First Bank has branches include; Destin, Freeport, Gulf Breeze, Mary Esther, Miramar Beach, Monticello, Niceville, Pace, Panama City, Pensacola, and Tallahassee​​.

FirstBank Florida Checking Accounts

FirstBank Florida is aligned with a great deal of versatility from the perspective of checking accounts. These accounts are designed to deal with different banking needs. The banking versatility includes;

FeatureFirstAccess AccountFirstPlus AccountFirstPremier Account
NaturePaperless checking accountPersonalized serviceInterest-bearing checking
Minimum Opening Deposit$50$100$100
Maintenance Fee$5 (waivable under conditions)$10 (waivable under conditions)$15 (waivable options)
Featurese-Statements, mobile depositPersonalized debit card, Popmoney, other incentivesTiered interest rates, suitable for high balances

Every account in this category has its specific benefits and features. These aspects are tailored to deal with various customer needs. These needs vary from basic paperless operations to more personalized services. In addition to this, it also includes the interest-earning potential​​.

FirstBank Florida Savings Accounts

Along with the checking accounts, FirstBank Florida does provide the facility with a great range of savings accounts. The unique saving accounts each with its features and benefits, include;

FeatureFirstOne Savings AccountFirstSavings AccountPreferred Money Market Account
Target AudienceMinorsGeneralGeneral
Opening Deposit$25$100Not specified
FeaturesConforms to UTMA standards, allowing parents to manage and transfer funds easilyHigher interest rates for enhanced savings growth, Easy access to funds for special needsEarns interest at competitive rates, Balance of savings growth and accessibility

These savings accounts are specifically available to accommodate a range of saving goals. It’s equally compatible to choose by everyone, from teaching young children the value of savings to more advanced saving strategies for adults​​.

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts at FirstBank Florida

FirstBank Florida stands in the market with attractive options for everyone interested in Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts. As per the latest renewal information, their CD accounts have competitive annual percentage yields (APYs) that depend on different term values.

Some of the CDs are;

  • 7-Month CD: 5.40% APY
  • 13-Month CD: 5.10% APY
  • 19-Month CD: 4.90% APY

To deal with these accounts, a minimum deposit of $1,000 is necessary. It is credibly availed in this perspective. These CDs offer high-profile guaranteed interest rates throughout the term.

Additionally, the CDs can easily be accessed with the help of online banking or by phone.

It is also very worth considering the withdrawing stance that ranges from the principal amount or canceling before the term ends could result in penalties.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

FirstBank Florida also provides various loan products, including mortgage loans. While specific details about their mortgage loans and other loan products are not readily available online, they generally include features such as online application and management.

FirstBank Florida offers a variety of additional products and services to meet different banking and financial needs. These include:

Online Banking Services– Easy account management- View balances- Download transaction histories- Set up alerts
Credit Cards– Options for different types of credit cards catering to various customer needs
Mobile Banking– User-friendly app for managing accounts on the go- Features include bill payments, fund transfers, etc.
Business Banking Services– Tailored solutions for businesses- Checking accounts, financing options, corporate solutions, cash management services
Mortgage Services– Online platforms for applying and managing mortgage loans
Financial Education Resources– Information and tools to help understand various financial processes and decisions

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

To find out the competitiveness of FirstBank Florida, here is a quick summary stated below that describes the comparison approach of the bank with other financial institutes. So that one can seek the credibility overview before making any precise decision in term of their investment. 

Feature/AspectFirstBank FloridaBanesco USAChase
Checking AccountsOffers FirstAccess, FirstPlus, FirstPremierLow opening balance, low service feesVarious options, part of a large national bank network
Savings Accounts for MinorsFirstOne savings account availableNot specifiedNot specified
CD RatesCompetitive rates (up to 5.40% APY)Over 4% APY on CDsNot specified
Online/Mobile BankingAvailableNot specifiedExtensive online and mobile banking options
Mortgage ServicesOffers mortgage servicesNot specifiedBroad range of mortgage products and services
Business Banking ServicesAvailableNot specifiedWide range of business banking services
Geographic AccessibilityLimited to FloridaPhysical locations mainly in MiamiExtensive nationwide network

Pros and Cons Analysis of FirstBank Florida


  1. FirstBank Florida delivers a variety of checking and savings accounts, catering to different needs.
  2. The bank provides attractive CD rates with different term options.
  3. Their digital banking services allow easy account management.
  4. They offer highly flexible solutions for businesses.


  1. The Services of banks are primarily available in Florida, limiting access for those outside the region.
  2. Certain accounts come with fees, like the annual charge for Visa Debit cards.

Customer Reviews

General customer reviews related to the banks mainly focus on the aspects, i.e.

  • Customer service quality
  • Ease of online banking
  • Fee structure
  • Interest rates

It is highly recommended to properly check the current and independent review platforms for the real based customer feedback.

Final Personal Review: Services, Customer-Centric Approach

FirstBank Florida is extremely convenient for its comprehensive range of banking services with a focus on catering to varied customer needs.

Their competitive CD rates and broad spectrum of account options are notable strengths. Additionally, their digital banking platform enhances convenience for customers. However, the geographic limitation to Florida and fees on certain accounts could be potential drawbacks for some customers.

The bank’s approach seems customer-centric, aiming to provide diverse financial products and services to accommodate different financial goals and lifestyles.


FirstBank Florida seems to be a solid choice for customers seeking a range of banking services, from personal checking and savings accounts to business banking solutions. They offer competitive CD rates and convenient online and mobile banking options.

However, their services are primarily available in Florida, and some accounts may incur fees. As always, customers should evaluate their banking needs and compare offerings from different banks to find the best fit.


 What types of checking accounts does FirstBank Florida offer?

FirstBank Florida offers various checking accounts like FirstAccess (paperless), FirstPlus (personalized service), and FirstPremier (interest-bearing).

 Are there any savings accounts for minors at FirstBank Florida?

Yes, the FirstOne savings account is designed for minors, helping them learn about savings from an early age.

 What is the minimum deposit required for a Certificate of Deposit (CD) at FirstBank Florida?

A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required for opening CD accounts.

 Can I manage my FirstBank Florida accounts online?

Yes, FirstBank Florida provides online and mobile banking services for account management, bill payments, and more.

 Does FirstBank Florida offer mortgage services?

Yes, the bank provides mortgage loan services, including online applications and management tools.