Deal Summary:

InTrust bank offers several certificate of deposit options for our customers, with our best rate at .55% for 5 years of deposit. The minimum is $500 with interest paid at the end of the maturity term.

InTrust CD Options:

InTrust offers variable length CDs with many options for customers. We offer a 48-59 month certificate of deposit at a .5% APY and $500 minimum deposit.

36-47 months are a bit shorter with a .45% APY. We offer terms as short as 90-179 days with a .03% APY.

Jumbo CDs are also offered with a minimum $100,000 deposit. You can earn up to .55% APY on a 5 year certificate of deposit. Jumbo deposits also can last as short as a week with a .03% APY.

High Yield deposit shares are available too. These require a $1,000,000 minimum deposit and earn up to .9% APY for the 5 year term. A short term, one week deposit will earn you .05% APY.


InTrust bank only requires you become a member of our bank and open a checking or savings account in order to be eligible to open a certificate of deposit. The checking or savings account is needed to transfer your earnings into an account besides your CD.


InTrust Bank offers about 40 branches between Kansas and Oklahoma with many drivethru ATMs located between the two states.

Bank Overview

InTrust Bank enjoys helping in our communities in Kansas and Oklahoma. Among our partners for community development is the United Way. In 2018 alone, InTrust Bank helped the United WAy raise more than $340,000 to go toward helping people and families in our community navigate tough times.

InTrust also helps sponsor and run the United Way of the Plains Read to Succeed program. This volunteer service aims to improve reading abilities among 3rd graders. Volunteers commit to becoming a reading coach who reads and listens to students read. These students learn an average of an extra 1.5 words per week.

We also pay our employees to volunteer work hours for programs like the United Way and other local organizations that help people in need.

One of the most important parts of our entire business is educating people about finances. We hope to help our customers learn about how our products fit their lives now and in the future. We offer personal bankers as well as many products and servies from checking and savings to retirement and wealth management accounts. Small businesses love our flexible bankers and programs that help them get cash or loans when needed.These small businesses are the backbone of our loyal economy with the same goal as ours – to better our community and the people within it. We take our role in community development seriously and are committed to serving people with financing and education.